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AMXAmerican Motors Experimental
AMXAeromexico Aerovias de Mexico (ICAO code)
AMXAir Mobility Express
AMXAutomatic Message Exchange
AMXAnalog Multiplexing (theatrical lighting)
AMXAmberjacks (FAO fish species code)
AMXAlabama Motor eXpress
AMXAmerican Mortgage Express Corp. (Mount Laurel, NJ)
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Greater amberjack hover over our reefs year round, but are off-limits during June and July.
Offshore sites are home to amberjack and yellowtail snapper.
Jigging these deep wrecks and others like them will produce amberjack, gag grouper, and blackfin tunas, among other species.
The trolling, live baiting and flycaught amberjack would've made for a boast-worthy day by any account, but when you have a massive school offish fired-up as we did, you gotta get all you can out of it.
With these speed jigs, and the shimmering diamond jigs also common to amberjack pursuits, the dangling hook design gives the fish a lot of leverage to throw the bait.
Back to the topside efforts, we concluded our assorted amberjack acquisitions with the day's most exciting hookup.
Each of the spots I visit on a regular basis holds specific bluewater gamefish, with Man's Land a conglomerate of enough giant amberjacks, great barracudas and cobia that on any given day a handful of live chum will make your forearm muscles dance.
That covers the gamut of toothy critter, billfish and just about everything that might show up, from a stray school of yellowfin tuna to a "don't even think about casting to that" amberjack.
If all the hiring activity at Amberjack Solar Energy is any indication, the clean energy labor market could be in for sunnier times in 2011.
Lance Kulick, founder of Amberjack Solar in Oakland, N.
Gag Grouper, Black Grouper, Scamp, Red Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Sailfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, Amberjack
It may depend on fish species--maybe we'll see more amberjack and pelagic fish around the higher-profile reefs.