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AMBAmbulatory (aka Ambulating)
AMBApplied Molecular Biology (various schools)
AMBAmphotericin B (liposome)
AMBAmerican Model Builders, Inc. (St. Louis, MO)
AMBAdvanced Memory Buffer (FBDIMM control unit on DRAM)
AMBActive Magnetic Bearing
AMBAssociação Médica Brasileira (Brazil)
AMBAdvanced Memory Buffer
AMBAnnie Moses Band
AMBAmbulating (aka Ambulatory)
AMBArticulação de Mulheres Brasileiras (Brasil)
AMBAsset Management Branch (Canada)
AMBAfrican Media Barometer (Media Institute for Southern Africa)
AMBAir Mission Brief
AMBAfrican Merchant Bank (RSA)
AMBAll My Best
AMBAustralian Mountain Bike
AMBAviation Maintenance Battalion (US Army)
AMBAir Mobility Branch (US DoD)
AMBAmericas Most Blunted (band)
AMBAviation Mishap Board
AMBAxe Murder Boys (band)
AMBAir Mobility Battlelab (US Air Force)
AMBAgence Maritime de Bretagne (French maritime company)
AMBAlternative Mining Bill (Philippines)
AMBAircraft Mishap Board
AMBActive Metal Brazing
AMBAvatar Meher Baba
AMBAirways Modernization Board
AMBAmagerbro (Danish railway station)
AMBAtelier Mécanique du Bassin (French mechanical engineering company)
AMBAteliers Maritimes Baulois (French boating company)
AMBAssociation Marc Bloch (French: Marc Bloch Association)
AMBAngular Momentum Balance
AMBActive Metal Bonding (semiconductor manufacturing)
AMBArmament Material Bulletin
AMBAnalog MDM Bipolar
AMBAcrylamidomethylbutanoate (polyampholyte class polymer)
AMBArt Map Burlington (Burlington, VT publication)
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Strengths of the NYU PM center include a capacity to conduct studies of the acute and cumulative effects of concentrated ambient air particles on cardiac and respiratory system effects in laboratory animals; a focus on particle dosimetry in the respiratory tract in both normal and abnormal human lungs; capabilities for the generation of exposure atmospheres of freshly formed ultrafine and fine monodisperse aerosols of acid aerosols, elemental and organic particles, and metal oxides; and an array of inhalation chambers and head-only exposure chambers for controlled exposure studies.
Perhaps most importantly, the authors achieved their findings through the use of a potentially powerful new tool in the analysis of the impact of ambient exposure to fine and ultrafine particulate matter.
Another option is to use a temperature sensor well coupled to the skin and a second temperature sensor to measure ambient temperature.
On days when we collected personal exposure measurements, we also conducted concurrent 24-hr (0900-0900 hr) ambient monitoring at a central monitoring site located within 1 mile of all subjects' residences.
Furthermore, it appears that the ultra-sensitive oxidation method with time temperature superposition has generated the necessary shift factors in the ambient temperature region to predict physical property decay at ambient temperatures.
This second effect allows plants to adapt to and flourish in drier conditions featuring higher ambient temperatures.
Despite a proclivity to abstraction, ambient music has the potential to encompass unruly realities, and Ultra-red are committed to exploring that potential in a way distinct from most other sound artists and purveyors of electronica.
In a room equipped with ambient intelligence, there might be no need for switches to flick or buttons to push.
The rate and direction of diffusion are related to the integrity of the reservoir's seal and the amount of ambient NO.
That allowed us to estimate the maximum 1-hour ambient TRS concentrations to expect in the mill area at ground level.