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AMBAssociação Médica Brasileira (Brazil)
AMBArticulação de Mulheres Brasileiras (Brasil)
AMBAll My Best
AMBAustralian Mountain Bike
AMBAxe Murder Boys (band)
AMBAgence Maritime de Bretagne (French maritime company)
AMBAlternative Mining Bill (Philippines)
AMBAircraft Mishap Board
AMBActive Metal Brazing
AMBAvatar Meher Baba
AMBAirways Modernization Board
AMBair mobility branch (US DoD)
AmbAmagerbro (Danish railway station)
AMBAtelier Mécanique du Bassin (French mechanical engineering company)
AMBAteliers Maritimes Baulois (French boating company)
AMBAssociation Marc Bloch (French: Marc Bloch Association)
AMBAngular Momentum Balance
AMBActive Metal Bonding (semiconductor manufacturing)
AMBAcrylamidomethylbutanoate (polyampholyte class polymer)
AMBArmament Material Bulletin
AMBAnalog MDM Bipolar
AMBArt Map Burlington (Burlington, VT publication)
AMBActive Magnetic Bearing
AMBAviation Maintenance Battalion (US Army)
AMBApplied Molecular Biology (various schools)
AMBAmphotericin B (liposome)
AmbAmbulatory (aka Ambulating)
AmbAmbulating (aka Ambulatory)
AMBAdvanced Memory Buffer (FBDIMM control unit on DRAM)
AMBAfrican Media Barometer (Media Institute for Southern Africa)
AMBAfrican Merchant Bank (RSA)
AMBAir Mission Brief
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The policeman crawled to a police telephone on the corner and rang up for an ambulance.
A person in the service of the ambulance appeared, announcing that a bandage had slipped, and that one of the wounded men was to all appearance bleeding to death.
Evidently the ambulance doctor was familiar with the location of skylight rooms.
The ambulance physician strode with his burden through the pack of hounds that follow the curiosity chase, and even they fell back along the sidewalk abashed, for his face was that of one who bears his own dead.
They noticed that he did not lay down upon the bed prepared for it in the ambulance the form that he carried, and all that he said was: "Drive like h**l, Wilson," to the driver.
William Jackson, the ambulance physician who attended the case, says the patient will recover.
Demers' exclusive Diffusion AIRFLOW System which generates heat below the medical cabinet at the bottom of the ambulance to flow upward, and the air conditioning system blowing from the ceiling to create a "comfort blanket" for the patient
Murchison Ambulance Station was constructed in the 1960s.
The maternity ambulance has a female driver and two female medics.
The Global Air Ambulance market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.
As this ambulance team reaches its destination, the patient is nowhere to be found, and no one knows where he has gone to.
During discussion of provision of ambulance vans it was agreed on that 1 ambulance van will be further dispatched to Osh and 2 vans will be left in Bishkek.