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AMBUSAmbulance Bus (US DoD)
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Tenders are invited for Auction of ambulance bus 1996 model
There was also an ambulance bus that could accommodate 50 people.
Volunteer rescue crews from St John Ambulance were disgusted when they discovered that their ambulance bus had been broken into and damaged.
Front-line services: Army personnel beside an ambulance bus at Selly Oak Hospital.
All the children helped are terminally ill, disabled or underprivileged and the charity pays for a fully equipped ambulance bus, plus qualified doctors, nurses and carers to go with them For many it is their only chance they get to go on a holiday.
Eight of the injured were carried off the aircraft on stretchers, a spokesman for the ambulance service told Kyodo News, adding that an ambulance bus also on standby wasn't needed.
At one hospital patients had to be treated in a St John Ambulance bus after its A&E ran out of room.
Brigadier Al Shamsi said that 34 of the students were taken to Rashid Hospital by an ambulance bus and eight to Al Baraha Hospital to ensure they were all right, adding that the on-call doctor from the Dubai Health Authority was monitoring the treatment process at the scene from the Control and Command room at Dubai Police's Operations room.
Troop support: Army personnel accompany an ambulance bus at Selly Oak Hospital Accident and Emergency Unit.
Maureen arranges for consultants, doctors and nurses to come along on the trip and they all agree to do it for free on a fully-equipped ambulance bus.
A fleet of additional ambulances and South Australias multi-patient ambulance bus will transport around 100 patients to the new hospital on each day of the move.