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AMNDA Midsummer Night's Dream
AMNDA Midsummer's Night Dream (Shakespeare play)
AMNDAberdeen Maternity and Neonatal Databank (UK)
AMNDAdelaide Metropolitan Netball Division (Australia)
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Pursuant to the terms of the Amended Consent Only Offer, the consent solicitation will be conditioned on, among other things, the tender and the acceptance for payment by Murray Energy of any and all of the then outstanding 2013 Notes and 2014 Notes validly tendered in the Amended Tender Offer prior to the Early Tender Deadline and not validly withdrawn, and payment of tender consideration no less than the applicable tender consideration set forth above.
If the amended return eliminates the taxpayer's Liability, the FTB will delay collection action and place a hold on the account to allow time for the amended return to be processed.
The IRS has not ruled formally on whether a refund of an overpayment based on an NOL reported on an amended return filed timely under 8ec.
Probe S-G-Syn-0424-a-A-18 was used along with an existing probe that targets the SSU rRNA sequences of Archaea to quantify the relative activity of syntrophic benzoate-degrading and methanogenic populations in 2-L mesocosms inoculated with sediment and amended with 3-CB, 2-CP, or no substrate.
Filing amended returns isn't as simple as it might first seem.
39) The USA PATRIOT Act amended federal law to statutorily recognize the practice.
Many states will access penalties for the failure to file amended returns, while others will deny refunds because the failure to file amended returns causes statutes to expire for refund claims.
Part 213 is amended as follows, and compliance is optional until October 1, 1999.
The proposed debt and equity commitments and related transactions described in the Amended Plan remain subject to certain material conditions, including the completion of final documentation, satisfaction of certain conditions precedent, and entry of orders by the Bankruptcy Court approving the related commitment letters and the adequacy of the Disclosure Statement and confirming the Amended Plan.
The new regulations do not expressly modify a taxpayer's ability to file an amended return claiming additional foreign trading gross receipts (FTGRs) or reflecting a different transfer-pricing method, an adjustment under Sec.
The additional shares of common stock in the Reorganized Company will be issued on the Effective Date of the Amended Plan.
401 (a) (9) (as amended by the SBJPA), an employee (other than a 5% owner) who attained age 70 1/2 in 1996, but who had not retired from employment with the employer maintaining the plan by the end of 1996, was not required to receive a minimum distribution by Apr.