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AMMAmerican Metal Market
AMMAutorisation de Mise sur le Marche (French)
AMMAutorisation de Mise sur le Marché (French: Commission of Marketing Authorization)
AMMASEAN Ministerial Meeting
AMMAircraft Maintenance Manual
AMMAsociación Médica Mundial (Spanish)
AMMAssociation Médicale Mondiale
AMMAssociation of Manitoba Municipalities (Canada)
AMMAutomatic Meter Management
AMMAgnogenic Myeloid Metaplasia
AMMAmerican Mathematical Monthly
AMMAssociation of Medical Microbiologists
AMMAdministrador del Mercado Mayorista (Guatemala)
AMMAccompagnateur en Moyenne Montagne
AMMAmman, Jordan - Queen Alia International (Airport Code)
AMMAnti-Missile Missile
AMMAdvantage Marketing Systems, Inc. (stock symbol)
AMMAlternative Measurement Method (Governmental Accounting Standards Board)
AMMAustralian Meteorological Magazine
AMMAirmen Memorial Museum (Suitland, MD)
AMMAssociation Médicale Missionnaire (French: Medical Missionary Association)
AMMArmy Mobility Model
AMMAcadémie de Musiques Modernes (French: Academy of Modern Music)
AMMAcoustic Mismatch Model
AMMAssociation des Maires de la Marne (French: Association of Mayors of the Marne; Marne, France)
AMMAircraft Maintenance Manager
AMMAlarm Management Module
AMMAustralian Milk Marketing
AMMAdvanced Missile Model
AMMAgent Management Module
AMMArmy Modernization Memorandum
AMMArea Manufacturing Manager
AMMAir Mission Migration
AMMAmerican Military Museum (Charleston, SC, USA)
AMMArchival Mass Memory
AMMAlarm Maintenance Multiplexer (Sprint)
AMMAuxiliary Management Module
AMMAutonomous Minehunting and Mapping
AMMAssets Management Modernization
AMMArray Manifold Model
AMMAssociated Maintenance Module
AMMAuto Metals Monitor
AMMAutomation, Metals and Minerals
AMMArtes Marciales Mixtas (Spanish: Mixed Martial Arts)
AMMAussie Match Maker (dating service; Australia)
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A return to the principles of traditional ammeters that employ shunt resistors for high-current handling appears to be the answer.
There are two main types of ammeter architectures, shunt ammeters and feedback ammeters.
Although the direct-reading procedure just outlined involves the added cost of the ammeter [A.
By adding a guard conductor between the conductor having voltage V on it and the sensitive input to the ammeter, the current V/R flows to ground through the guard conductor and the ammeter reads only the signal current [I.
PID control, autotuning, softstart, RS485 or RS232-C computer interface, digital ammeter with alarm, and run and standby setpoints.
If the abrasive level is low, the ammeter will show a sudden drop from full load amps to no load amps sometime during the cleaning cycle.
The biggest problem in this measurement process is typically that the ammeter measures current due to many effects, not just the stimulating voltage.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Spare Parts : spark plug,rectifer and regulator,Ammeter meter with wire,Rubber Ring ammeter