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I was for giving him champagne, or brandy, ammonia, and quinine.
Have you ever heard of the wasting effects of fever being reasonably and intelligibly repaired by fortifying the exhausted patient with brandy, wine, ammonia, and quinine?
Washington D.C, Jun 3 ( ANI ): Seems like it is smelly on Jupiter as a team of researchers has found that swirling ammonia lies below the planet's thick clouds.
The goal for Friday's spacewalk was to complete the final repairs to a system that broke down about three years ago, by restoring the external ammonia cooling system to its original configuration, the space agency said.
Using telescopes, scientists first observed ammonia absorption on Charon in 2000, but the concentrations of ammonia around this crater are unprecedented.
Plant A was completed in 1966 and consisted of units to produce 550 t/d of urea, sulphuric acid, ammonia and ammonium sulfate.
Under the terms of the deal, KBR will supply Fertial its proprietary ammonia technology to significantly increase the production capacity of the two plants plants while simultaneously helping the firm increase energy efficiency and overall reliability.
In large systems the addition of a solution pump to raise the strong ammonia solution to high pressure enabled the process to be automated, but this was not desirable for the domestic units, especially the gas-fired ones.
"The engineering package of ammonia has been prepared and has been handed over to the petrochemistry industry," he added.
The saturation temperature is explicitly presented as a function of ammonia liquid mass concentration and saturation pressure of the mixture.
Empirical formula obtained indicated that thermally activated charcoal had an excellent capacity of ammonia removal.