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AMOEBAAdvanced Multiple Organized Experimental Basin
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When amoebas maximized their membrane surface area, they came together to form communities of amoebas to share awareness and advance evolution.
3,4 Millions of people are exposed to the amoeba leading to infection each year, however, its early diagnosis and treatment by the administration of drugs such as amphotericin B, fluconazole, and rifampicin, has provided some hope of cure.
Naegleria fowleri, the single-cell amoeba which causes a rare and aggressive brain infection, was first reported in Broward County in Florida.
The amoeba travels from the nasal membranes to the brain.
The amoeba made different amounts of proteins in each stage, suggesting that it was responding to new demands.
Aemulus is seeking to update the Amoeba AMB7600 with key peripheral modules in an effort to extend into microwave bands X, Ku, and Ka.
According to medical experts, naegleria was nourished in swimming pools, ponds and open water tanks which was generally found in hot weather, he said and added the amoeba caused meningitis in brain through nose.
Amoeba Technologies, a private company, has developed Presto, for the electronics market.
Naegleria fowleri is a thermophilic amoeba that grows well in tropical climates7.
By classifying the species typical for each habitat according to Indval and shell morphology, the results indicated a greater frequency of hemispherical and spherical shells in the amoeba community in plankton, and spherical and elongated shells in aquatic macrophytes.
2 It is therefore safe to assume that this is not the last we will hear of the brain-eating amoeba.