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Over the past two decades, Ampersand has managed more than USD 1bn in private equity partnerships.
In the evenings, Ampersand will offer a unique bar menu with other coffee-inspired cocktails and coffee-spirit pairings.
Buyer: Management group, Ampersand Capital Partners, 1315 Capital
The deal will see Ampersand provide catering services for 29 event spaces at BMA House, which can hold meetings, conferences, private events and weddings for up to 320 guests.
Donna said: "Arguably the most expressive and versatile of symbols, the ampersand evolved from the Latin et, meaning and.
We were able to focus on educating an underserved population," Ampersand said.
For further information, contact Herb Cooper, at Ampersand Capital Partners, Phone: (781) 239-0700.
We hit upon using the ampersand from our own company branding as a starting point and developed the idea from there.
To register for the amperSAND event on Wednesday visit www.
The recapitalization was undertaken by Ampersand Ventures, a private equity firm based in Wellesley, MA.
The trio downed bottles of champagne and lager at the city's Ampersand club with their wives.
WS Packaging Group, the Wisconsin, USA based printing and converting conglomerate, has purchased the assets of Ampersand Label Inc.