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AMPNAnterior Medial Preoptic Nucleus (neuroscience)
AMPNAssociation de Motards aux Portes de la Normandie (French: Motorcyclists Association of the Ports of Normandy; Normandy, France)
AMPNAir Mission Pilot Notification
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Compared to FGFR gene mutation and translocation, gene amplification of FGFR is most well studied.
1, the structure of the differential amplification micro actuator was primarily composed of GMA and a displacement amplification mechanism.
There is another chemistry-based contamination control approach which is available in most amplification methods and has completely general utility; it allows for the uniform destruction of any and all carryover, contaminating amplicon in a reaction before it can cause a problem, and it does so in a simple, elegant manner.
The amplification was assessed basing on analytical methods assuming the specific geological cross-section and therefore calculated amplification had little precision.
Investigations are ongoing to determine the nature of this amplification observed in the absence of trigger, and our data suggest that unconventional DNA synthesis may be involved (unpublished data).
In accordance with the manual, a whole genome amplification system (WGA; Sigma-Aldrich, Saint Louis, MO, USA), which was developed for amplification of genomic DNA, was used to amplify viral double-stranded cDNA.
Ulla Deutsch, Senior Global Product Manager Amplification at QIAGEN.
The RD-100i analyzer, which is based on the company's proprietary gene amplification method OSNA (One-step Nucleic Acid Amplification), can determine the status of lymph-node metastasis of breast cancer in about 30 minutes during an operation.
Unlike PCR, MDA allows nonspecific amplification of the complete genome, and, as a whole genome amplification technique, can be used to pretreat samples that are later used for PCR.
To address the hypothesis that all medulloblastomas with oncogenic amplification exhibit either the "anaplastic" phenotype or the large cell phenotype, medulloblastomas exhibiting oncogene amplification were graded for anaplastic features by a separate neuropathologist (P.
Among the 7,220 male samples analyzed, the X chromosome-specific allele at the Amelogenin locus was not amplified in three samples using the AmpFLSTR[R] Profiler Plus[TM] amplification kit.