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The imposition of ultrasound further decreases the gel fraction and crosslink density of the decrosslinked XHDPE with the effect increasing with the ultrasonic amplitude.
However, no significant differences were found in KSS between low vibration amplitude and medium vibration amplitude.
Throughout the mathematical analysis, the effect of the PWM frequency and duty cycle on the average current and dither amplitude was investigated, and the analysis result was validated by electrical experiments.
Amplitude Surgical is a surgical technology company for lower-limb orthopaedics.
It generated annual revenues of almost EUR5m, 80% of which comes from Amplitude Surgical.
After acquiring a 50% stake in Unimplant, its historic distributor in Brazil, in February 2014 and an additional 10% stake in April 2015, Amplitude Surgical recently increased its stake in its subsidiary to 100% by exercising its call option on the remaining minority interests.
Schroedinger's temporally independent equation in explicit SI units then contains within terms on the left side of the equality an electrostatic potential energy and first and second partial derivatives of an assumed amplitude function [psi](u, v, [phi]) with respect to spatial coordinates u, v, [phi] within an hamiltonian operator H to take into account the kinetic and potential energies of the system; the right side of the equality comprises a product of energy E, as a variable parameter that has no dependence on coordinates, with the same amplitude function.
To the best of our knowledge, no study has reported investigation on the effect of height and limb length on the latency and amplitude of the SSR.
In doing so, a permanent inspection and control of the accomplished amplitude of oscillations has to be carried out, since bringing the system to mechanical resonance means a growth of the amplitude of oscillations.
Os valores de amplitude e latencia foram obtidos pela identificacao das ondas no pico de maior amplitude, sendo que o componente P3 foi considerado apenas no tracado dos estimulos raros.
This contribution focuses on the development of a more dynamic system which should oscillate with a frequency of 50Hz and an amplitude of 3[degrees].
Minimal phase change is essential because amplitude and phase variation following VNA calibration can cause inaccurate S Parameter measurements.