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Conclusion: Tramadol when used as an additive with ropivacaine provides better anaesthesia and analgesia in peripheral nerve block.
El diseno del estudio fue observacional e incluyo a 150 mujeres embarazadas mayores de 18 anos de edad, con embarazo a termino, ASA II o III, que llegaron en trabajo de parto al HUSI y para manejo del dolor se les coloco analgesia peridural, entre octubre del 2009 y abril del 2010.
Lumbar epidural analgesia is a widely practiced method of pain relief during labor.
Earlier onset of sensory and motor block, less time for complete sensory and motor block, prolonged analgesia, and motor block can be explained by the fact that epidural dexmedetomidine has greater selectivity for a-2 receptors with greater lipid solubility.
In this study pregabalin 300 mg, given orally 1 hour before open cholecystectomy resulted in significantly prolonged postoperative analgesia compared with gabapentin 900 mg.
The random sequence of allocation code (Intrathecal analgesia group or systemic analgesia group) was obtained from a random number table of integers.
The segmental sensory level of analgesia was assessed 4 h after the end of surgery and then twice daily by the acute pain team, and the infusion was adjusted to maintain sensory block between T7 and L3.
Hence the present report is described to be the first one to find out the quality of analgesia and to record the alteration in clinico-anesthetic indices following epidural administration of ropivacaine and its combination with fentanyl in goats.
Pharmacological therapies include combined analgesia consisting of the administration of a dose of anaesthetic to the subarachnoid space using a single puncture in addition to peridural analgesia.
A randomized comparison of programmed intermittent epidural bolus with continuous epidural infusion for labor analgesia.
The concept of preventive analgesia is a pharmacological strategy based on the administration of analgesic treatment before the surgical stimulus is induced in order to prevent postoperative pain.