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ALRAlliance for Lupus Research (New York City)
ALRAmerican Law Reports (analysis legal issues)
ALRAutomatic Locking Retractor (seat belts)
ALRAgricultural Land Reserve (Canada)
ALRAdministrative License Revocation
ALRArt Loss Register
ALRAustralian Law Reports (University of Tasmania Library)
ALRAmerican Law Review
ALRAustralian Literary Review
ALRAction Leakage Rate (annual average atmospheric dispersion factor)
ALRAllgemeines Landrecht (Prussian civil code)
ALRadiabatic lapse rate
ALRAciéries et Laminoirs de Rives (French steel manufacturer; Rives, France)
ALRAdvanced Launch System
ALRArtillery Locating Radar
ALRActive Life Reserves (insurance)
ALRAmicale Laïque de Redon (French sports association; Redon, France)
ALRAllergenic Effects
ALRApplication Location Register (Sprint)
ALRAssociation Lyonnaise de Radioamateurs (French amateur radio club; Lyon, France)
ALRAirlift-Loop Reactor
ALRAircraft Load Rating (aviation)
ALRAdvanced Logic Research, Incorporated
ALRAlternate Link Routing
ALRAcceptable Loss Rate
ALRAdministrative Letter Report
ALRAssociated Lighting Representatives, Inc (Oakland, CA)
ALRAssociation des Loisirs de Rogerville (French: Rogerville Recreation Association)
ALRAcademy Law Review
ALRAutomated Legal Research
ALRAutomated Literature Request System (Sprint)
ALRAutomatic Lightpath Restoration (Lucent)
ALRApplication Layer Relay (ANSI)
ALRApplication-level Requirement
ALRAgents Loss Reporting
ALRAirborne Laser Range Finder
ALRAllowable Level of Risk
ALRAutomatic Laser Restart
ALRAugusto Luis Ralha
ALRAdam LaRoche (baseball player)
ALRAutomated Lab Reactor (equipment)
ALRAssignment of Leases and Rents
ALRAssisted Living Residence
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A 1:1 matched cohort of patients receiving or not receiving epidural analgesia was created based on propensity scores derived from a logistic regression model (constructed to estimate the conditional probability for receiving epidural analgesia).
While the effect on chronic pain has been well researched, there is a paucity of data investigating the effect of cannabis on acute postoperative pain and analgesia requirements after anesthesia.
HVLIA has a reputation among surgeons as a simple, safe and convenient method that provides good analgesia without motor block of the lower limb.
Patients demographics like age, gender, injury severity score, length of intensive care unit and hospital stay, complications, and type of pain control used (epidural analgesia or intravenous opioid) were recorded.
subcutaneous, intramuscular, and subcutaneous plus intramuscular, were significantly and equally effective in reducing pain and demand for rescue analgesia in comparison with patients who received placebo.
How effective is articaine compared to other analgesia in children?
15,16) A ketamine-midazolam combination assessed in mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) was associated with moderate sedation and only produced anesthesia and analgesia at very high dosages.
Children often receive pain relief based on the prescribing of regular analgesia by the physicians, but without the added information that could be provided by consistent use of age-appropriate pain assessment tools.
Patient-controlled analgesia systems are used in both environments.
A cynic might describe the current implementation of patient controlled analgesia as merely just another form of standing orders delivered by an electromechanical pump.
Viscusi, director of regional anesthesia and acute pain management, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, described IONSYS as a compact, preprogrammed, needle-free system that provides an alternative to administering morphine via intravenous patient-controlled analgesia (PCA).