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Therefore, we find it in the public interest to permit WLNY to flashcut from analog channel 17 to digital channel 17.
A given channel may transition from 0 to 1 or 1 to 0, equivalent to a scope's analog channel positive or negative edge trigger.
Only 1 MW of digital data can be acquired at 500 MS/s during the 2 ms it takes to fill the 10-MW memory associated with an analog channel running at 5 GS/s.
One of the analog channels will support fire service communications and tone-and-voice paging operations within Medina County.
The MS04000 Series mixed-signal oscilloscope offers 16 digital and up to four analog channels at bandwidths ranging from 100 to 500 MHz.
Cohan said the confusion began with the 10 percent of Charter customers who do not have cable boxes and hook up their televisions directly to the cable wire, which allows them to receive only analog channels.
The analog channels are simultaneously sampled at speeds up to 17,000 Hz.
96" 128x64 pixel OLED display to provide the functions of an 8-bit mixed-signal oscilloscope with simultaneous sampling of analog and digital signals, providing two analog channels and eight digital channels, it also offers Arbitrary Waveform Generator capabilities.
9, 2009 (CENS)--Alongside the policy of recalling analog channels for broadcast TV, the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) is evaluating the feasibility of subsidizing the installation of set-top box (STB) by local people, in order to achieve the digitalization of TV operation.