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ANALArmas Nucleares en América Latina (Spanish: Nuclear Arms in Latin America)
ANALAft Nuclear Accident Locker
ANALAmmonium Nitrate and Aluminum
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When we come to Aristotle's analysis of existing constitutions, we find that while he regards them as imperfect approximations to the ideal, he also thinks of them as the result of the struggle between classes.
Technical service: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of elastomers, adhesives, paints, pigments, dispersions, coatings, solvents and plasticizers
Quantum SPC/QA for Windows handles a variety of statistical charting and analysis tasks for both variable and attribute data.
A crucial component of the monetary analysis conducted at the ECB is the attempt to identify the underlying trend in monetary developments--the true signal from "money" broadly defined--from the set of available monetary, financial, and economic data.
Its relationship to another expanding field of study, social network analysis (SNA), is important to aid the reader in understanding some of the current trends in the field of management.
The further analysis of existing research data may also be prompted by a need to confirm new findings or to aid in the development of new research questions.
Computer processing capability has finally developed to a point where the large data files required for automatic image analysis can be processed, stored and passed between computers with relative ease.
For more detailed analysis, mills should consider investing in an NDC backscatter gauge, either fixed or portable, plus high speed video in key areas.
The key here, continues Kaiser, is that the shared geometry database can be used for finite element analysis (FEA; the structural side of analysis) and CFD (the fluid, thermal, acoustic, vibration, etc.
5D midplane analysis that's suited to thin-shell parts.
The remainder of this paper will critically analyze the potential of applied behavior analysis in the treatment of children and youth with autism.
Statement analysis provides insight into a statement that identifies areas for further investigation, thereby lending itself to helping law enforcement officers plan future subject interviews and ongoing investigations.
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