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ANDTEAndante (music; slow, gracefully, easily)
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The andante religioso, with the meditative piano joined by the woodwind in an evocation of the sound of nature at night was outstanding.
Having changed from the black and white of tunics or T-shirts plus tights into costumes, the cast of five women and three men dances the ballet's Variations and Andante to the full orchestral score; choreography and apparel create a perspective three centuries deep.
Paul Watkins was the splendid soloist, adept at every facet of the piece - the insouciant opening theme, warmly romantic andante and skittishly helter-skelter finale which ended in an amiable duel with the flute.
In the hauntingly erotic Andante, Jaynellen Walsh and Dmitri Kouznetsov envoked a sad and searing memory of love lost; their elegiac pas de deux was as fluid and effortless as the Rachmaninoff to which they danced.
At its heart - whether placed as third or second movement, as here - is an andante that musically distils the essence of romantic love.
Bare Bones, part of Andante Travels, is offering families with an interest in archaeology escorted tours.
Kathryn Welch began with Mozart's Andante in C, an accurate but un-loving rendering, disappointingly accompanied by Rachel Attwell.
Instrumental solos in the andante were beautifully delivered (how well the concertmaster deserved Venzago's bow to him at the end of the movement), and in the problematic finale the fabulously evocative horn solo was answered with plaintive, pastel colouring by an inspired guest flautist.
Cleveland Orchestra - Franz Welser-Most - Ravel: Andante spianato & Grand Polonaise brilliante; Strauss: Burleske
The music and audiobook publisher andante media HORARCHIV has today released its first Japanese-language version of the iOS app for the iPhone: ClassiCal Music Calendar.
Violin virtuoso James Ehnes is luxury casting and his playing, especially in the Act 2 andante, brings extra refinement and beauty.
Gordon will also be playing Bonnet - Variations de Concert; J S Bach - Badinerie; J S Bach - Prelude and Fugue in C; Andrew Carter - Passacaglia; Bosi - Giga; Widor - Andante Sostenuto (Symphonie Gothique); Vierne - Allegro Vivace and Final (Symphony 1).