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ANDTEAndante (music; slow, gracefully, easily)
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To prove that this composition and handwriting is by Vincent d'Indy, the editor, Tobias Broecker, checked several documents and found that the signature on the final page of the autograph manuscript of "Fervaal", an opera composed between 1889 and 1895 by Vincent d'Indy, clearly matches that on the Andante.
En el Toboso se puede visitar la casa de quien fuera la musa del caballero andante, Dulcinea.
6) El corolario practico, como era esperable de un caballero andante, era la ejecucion del oficio, el cumplimiento de la religion y, a los efectos, el "desfacer fuerzas y socorrer".
Later that month, Barry Woods Johnston presented a piano recital of his works Funeral March and Condolence (2011) and Omni Sonata (1981) Andante con Tempo Sempre Stretto, Larghetto, Moderato, and Aggitato.
The second movement, an andante moderato, brought with it more melody, albeit on the sorrowful end of the scale, with an otherworldy atmosphere and a winding theme from the bassoon which was replicated in the woodwind, while the finale heralded possibly the first ever solo Carpenter says when he thinks of the bassoon he hears a human baritone voice in his head; a melancholy and contemplative baritone if his concerto, written in topsy-turvy fashion from the middle out, is anything to go by.
In the most typically elegiac 'Mahlerian' Andante movement, the gracefully sweeping strings were allowed to flow at a speed that avoided sentimentality.
An insightful andante led into a lively allegro which, again, rather lacked the vital spark to bring it alive.
The Borusan String Quartet was elected the best chamber music ensemble of 2010 in Andante Music Awards.
But it was the contrast with the sorrowful and reflective andante, played with such tenderness and lightness of touch, which was so impressive.
Her characterisation of the novice Blanche was weighty, carefully measuring the role through to its andante climax, when she joined her sisters at the scaffold.
QUIZ OF THE DAY: 1 Le Havre; 2 Agatha Christie; 3 Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy; 4 Ascot; 5 Iraq; 6 PVC; 7 Croquet; 8 Egg-laying; 9 Jefferson; 10 Andante.
Uno de los rasgos caracteristicos de Don Quijote reside precisamente en su capacidad para transformar la realidad y adecuarla a los parametros de la andante caballeria.