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In the case of Dick Cheney, the angiogram confirmed a 90 percent blockage of a main coronary artery.
Dr Knapton says the standard coronary angiogram is the "gold standard" for diagnosing coronary heart disease - it also enables treatment, such as stents to widen arteries, to be performed simultaneously if necessary.
Patients found to have significant coronary artery disease on CT angiogram, which was defined as stenosis of 50% or greater in left main stem, left anterior descending, left circumflex, or right right coronary artery or their any first order branch, underwent subsequent invasive coronary angiogram and revascularization as required.
I am getting progressively worse in terms of headaches" After the Daily Record intervened, both men were put to the top of the list for angiograms yesterday.
I'm sure if they had done that angiogram sooner I could have been out of that hospital much earlier and someone in a more serious condition could have had that bed - so again the system didn't seem to work.
And if your health care providers suspect the pain is due to blockage in your coronary arteries, there are several tests that may be appropriate, including a stress test or a CT or traditional angiogram.
Key Words: Normal coronary angiogram clinical characteristics biochemical features.
The researchers gathered data on 37,674 veterans without known coronary artery disease who underwent elective angiograms between October 2007 and September 2012 in the Veterans Affairs health care system.
His follow up angiogram revealed patent stent in the proximal LAD.
Nonetheless, the cardiologist recommended that I be transferred on Sunday to Elmburst Hospital Center, a neighboring facility to undergo an angiogram.