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AOIArea Of Interest
AOIAutomated Optical Inspection
AOIArea of Investigation (environmental damage; US NASA)
AOIAdd-On Instructions
AOIAcademia Ophthalmologica Internationalis (est. 1974; eye organization)
AOIAge of Innocence (game)
AOIAngle of Impact (forensics)
AOIActive Output Interface
AOIAssociated Oregon Industries
AOIArt of Illusion (3D modeling software)
AOIAngle Of Incidence
AOIAmerican Orthodox Institute
AOIArticles of Incorporation
AOIAge of Innocence (David Hamilton book, also a band)
AOIArab Organization for Industrialization (Egyptian government industrial organization)
AOIAuto-Owners Insurance
AOIAnnual Operating Income
AOIAfrica Orientale Italiana
AOIAll Ordinaries Index (stock index, Australian Stock Exchange)
AOIAntarctic Oscillation Index (oceanography)
AOIAssociation de l'Ostéogenèse Imparfaite
AOIAide Odontologique Internationale
AOIAdjusted Operating Income
AOIArea of Impact
AOIActive Output Interface (UNI PMD specs for copper/fiber)
AOIAncona, Italy - Falconara (Airport Code)
AOIAreas Of Improvement
AOIApnea of Infancy
AOIAtlantech Online, Inc. (Silver Spring, MD)
AOIAirport Operational Information
AOIAutomated Operator Interface
AOIAccent On Information (on assistive technology products and devices)
AOIAtelosteogenesis, Type I
AOIAssociate Office Infrastructure (USPS)
AOIAct on Impulse
AOIAd Operations Interactive
AOIAbnormal Operating Instruction
AOIAdvanced Open Integration (software development)
AOIAero-Optics Inc. (Rolling Hills Estates, CA)
AOIAdvance Ordering Information
AOIApplication of Intent
AOIAccept Operator Input
AOIAccess Option Indicator (Sprint)
AOIAvalon Online Initiative (web development firm)
AOIAND-OR-Invert(er) (logical; electrical engineering)
AOIAutomatic Object Inspection
AOIArtist of Illusion
AOIAll Out Insane (gaming clan)
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The geometry and all of the variables from which we calculated the local angle of incidence across the device are defined and illustrated in Figure 3.
In the oblique incidence, the existing omnidirectional band is obviously enlarged when the angle of incidence increases, as compared to the reflectance bandwidth of normal incidence.
And now let us proceed to the analysis of shift of the wave packet with duration a = 100 versus angle of incidence for variation of packet extent and compare these values with the values of group shift.
The conditions of the analysis Features Value CMA(mm) 400 Flight height (m) 100 Angle of incidence (0) -5/15 Speed (m/s) 10 20 30 Reynolds number Re 272000 543000 815000 Table 2.
The results of increasing the angle of incidence from 0 to 15 and 30 are shown in Figure 13.
The algorithm of a numerical model for luminous intensity distribution suggested in this study traced the optical behavior of the photons by internal reflection, using the ray-tracing technique in case of internal reflection occurring in the prism faces with the angle of incidence getting greater than the critical angle.
The first angle of incidence is different from the second angle of incidence.
Dreams are especially valuable during the follow-up consultations because they hand us new exploratory elements, which we cannot get from the physical or emotional-mental angle of incidence.
Important advantages over silicon PV are the relative insensitivity towards the angle of incidence and the esthetic design capabilities enabled by the semi-transparency properties.
The filters are designed for a 45deg angle of incidence.
You can compare it with a laser beam from the Earth to the Moon that uniformly scans the lunar surface from the disk centre to the edge: its speed across the lunar surface increments more and more where it hits the lunar disk closer to the edge, because of the oblique angle of incidence on the lunar globe.
The variations of the reflection coefficients of plane waves against angle of incidence are shown in Fig.