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Add the option of angle of view and background compression to the variables and you'll have a full plate.
The recently introduced ultrahigh-speed swept source Fourier-domain mode-locked (FDML) OCT [9-11] is feasible at high scanning rates providing images with a wide angle of view. The obtained volume scans of the retina allowed a reconstruction of high resolution en face images as well as histology-like cross-sectional retinal scans (B-frames) depicting the fundus beyond the central macular area with an image quality comparable to current established OCT devices [9].
It has a unique iridescent quality in which the product transforms from serene blue to glistening gold based on the angle of view and surrounding light ...
When shooting with the HSC there are often problems with an insufficient angle of view, which is needed to capture the phenomenon.
NO matter how many match officials UEFA employ, depending on the angle of view, controversies like Arsenal's penalty against Celtic will never go away - thank goodness.
From "absolute film," a term used to define abstract, non- representational expression in cinema, to "zoom shot," a shot which changes the angle of view from a closer to a longer shot and vice versa, Beaver (emeritus, screen arts and cultures, U.
The color effect of interest is one in which the lightness changes with angle, appearing lightest near specular (gloss) reflection of the illumination and decreasing as the angle of view moves away.
Offering a wide 7o-degree horizontal angle of view, the Canon VB-C300 PTZ Camera pans bidirectionally at ffl170 degrees, making it ideal for tight, indoor spaces.
Suited for tight, indoor spaces, the VB-C300 PTZ Network Camera offers a wide 70[degrees] horizontal angle of view and pans bidirectionally at more than 170[degrees] to deliver a total viewing angle that exceeds 360[degrees].
It has a wide 70-degree horizontal angle of view and pans bi-directionally at [+ or -] 170 degrees to deliver a total viewing angle that exceeds 360 degrees.
Of particular interest to users of compact transport vehicles and service robots, is the S300's 270[degrees] angle of view. When the scanner is corner-mounted it will not only simultaneously monitor the sides, but also offer all-round protection removing the need for bumpers and control wires.