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Then he remembered that it was no fun being angry unless he had some one to frighten and make miserable, and he rushed to his big gong and made it clatter as loud as he could.
The former to take good times, when first to relate to a man an angry business; for the first impression is much; and the other is, to sever, as much as may be, the construction of the injury from the point of contempt; imputing it to misunderstanding, fear, passion, or what you will.
But I cannot flash fire from my eyes unless I am very angry.
You look angry all over," said John, as the boy flung himself from the saddle.
They still brought a flush of shame to her cheeks and a surge of angry blood to her heart.
My dear child," said she, "will you do what I am going to ask of you, or will refuse me because you are angry at my being on the Danaan side, while you are on the Trojan?
Do not say Miss Tilney was not angry," cried Catherine, "because I know she was; for she would not see me this morning when I called; I saw her walk out of the house the next minute after my leaving it; I was hurt, but I was not affronted.
Penelope was standing now, her slim, elegant form throbbing with the earnestness of her words, a spot of angry color burning in her cheeks.
They will not be angry if they understand, he said.
Once again, baffled and made angry by the walls of the ring that would not let him out, the bull was attacking his enemies valiantly.
Do I not know that what I have asked you to do is foolish and wrong, and that the General will be angry about it?
And now you are angry with me too because I have a man here.