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AYMAngry Young Man
AYMAwards for Young Musicians (UK)
AYMAssociation of Youth Museums
AYMAustralia Yearly Meeting
AYMAsk Your Mom
AYMAker Yards Marine Inc. (naval architecture/engineering)
AYM21st Century African Youth Movement
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This paper examines The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, a key film within the extension of the Angry Young Man 'genre' to British cinema in the early 1960s.
The unfinished novel has been given new life by Hollyoaks writer Lucy Gough, a wise move by the company because while the story is still relevant today - angry young man swaps the Welsh countryside for the bright lights of London - her name immediately makes it accessible to younger generations.
True, while fulminating against the political class, Kejriwal might appear a bit of a caricature: at best an Amitabh Bachchan style Angry Young Man of the 1970s and in his more over- the- top moments, a Nana Patekar- sque Angry Mad Man of the 1990s.
HATEM BEN ARFA has gone from angry young man to French supersub with a transformation made in Newcastle.
Can one girl juggle the politics of the Stork Society, find new friends, and battle her crush on an angry young man with secrets while keeping secrets of her own?
Christopher Rose, defending, said: "There is clearly something of the angry young man about this defendant, it may be to do with the fact he had not, from a very young age, had a relationship with his father.
ANSWERS: 1 Germany (at Gelsenkirchen); 2 Father's Day; 3 Aaron; 4 President Cleveland; 5 Mullet; 6 Amsterdam; 7 Brandy (Brandewijn); 8 Marion And Geoff; 9 The letter T; 10 Angry Young Man.
What we are trying to explain is that he was not a tearaway or an angry young man, he was a gentle giant who was loved by all who knew him.
The man who sang My Generation and Pinball Wizard is now 61 - but he is very much an angry young man at heart.
I ONCE knew an angry young man - all snake hips, Marlboro smoke and long blonde hair like spun gold - who said: 'Marriage is what couples do when they have run out of things to talk about.
David Jeremiah, for the Torfaen Community Safety Partnership, which brought the prosecution, said, 'He is a very angry young man, he has great difficulty in controlling his behaviour and attitude and he frightens and intimidates people.