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ANDRAnhydrite (lithological term)
ANDRAdditional National Design Requirement
ANDRAdvanced Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Institute
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The random distribution of length-slow quartzine spherules in the laminated dolomite is similar to anhydrite crystals scattered throughout dolomite beds in a modern sabkha environment, as described by Wood & Wolfe (1969).
Bodenbelagsarbeiten of houses 5 and 7 each have different old substrates such as magnesite flooring, anhydrite / Leunitestrich, plank flooring, including the necessary underground treatments.
In the west shelfal conditions saw the deposition of dolomites, limestones and anhydrites of the Umm er-Radhuma, Rus and Dammam Fms.
The remainder of the Rustler is comprised of anhydrite and dolomite with interbedded siltstone.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-9Basic Definitions, Grades, and Specifications II-9Gypsum II-9Uses II-9Production of Gypsum II-10Basic Steps II-10Lime Milk Preparation II-10Flue Gas Washer II-10Gypsum Process II-10Production Process II-11Anhydrite II-11Physical Characteristics of Anhydrite II-12End-Use Segments II-12Select Gypsum Products and Applications II-13Prefabricated Products II-13Plasters II-13Portland Cement II-13Types of Portland Cement Standardized in the US II-14Agriculture & Miscellaneous II-14
New Report From Roskill Analyses Worldwide Gypsum and Anhydrite Supply and Demand
Good anhydrite seals developed, holding fairly large hydrocarbon accumulations.
2-] ions, and when it is heated to 150 [degrees] C or greater, the ions combine and anhydrite precipitates.
The report will be of considerable interest primarily to relevant strategic planners, senior company officials and importers/exporters, since it features invaluable information on gypsum, anhydrite export/import operations segmented by country and region.
Consisting mainly of slightly anhydritic dolomite and limestone, the Fm is divided into Upper and Lower Khuff, which are separated by a wide-spread bed of 40/60-foot thick anhydrite.