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ANIMAArts Network for Integrated Media Applications
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Anima Terra represents this perfect union of form and innovation, and, in its insistence on environmental efficiency, embodies our very moment in history.
The winner of the Prize of the Audience of Anima 2007 for best long play film in the International Competition is ''Paprika'' by Satoshi Kon,'' the organizer announced to a packed hall of animated film fans.
Although the Anima e corpo was and is a great success, it had no real successors primarily because a new genre was evolving for setting extended religious texts--the oratorio.
At the beginning of de Interpretatione, Aristotle refers to de Anima and sums up some of the issues that he considers in the latter treatise in this way:
More was required of him - to gather the eggs, to trust Miranda, to celebrate his anima image.
Anima Gallery and Lounge aims to educate the residents of Qatar, especially the young people, about art and support the emerging artists in this country.
Among the topics are the Pythagorean conception of the soul from Himself to Philolaus, Heraclitus on measure and the explicit emergence of rationality, three kinds of Platonic immortality, the priority of soul in Aristotle's De anima, traces of a dispute on mind-body relations in the Old Academy, Stoic souls in Stoic corpses, philosophical norms and political attachments in Cicero and Seneca, and Anima Christiana.
This is one of the most unfortunate thing that can happen to any mother," said Anima Roy, the wife of Gobinda Roy who she claims has been held by the hospital authorities.
BIZARRE things often happen in dreams and they certainly do in the dreamworld of Anima, the latest production from the Liverpool company Momentum.
It featured 11 bands, including local artists Kirklees MCz, Emma Keaveney, The Retrose, The Cut, Anima, Stalefish1, Session9, Stupid Like You, Leicester band Ist and Bradford outfit The Touch.
Its extensive appendices include the libretto of Cavalieri's famous Rappresentazione di anima e di corpo, a catalog of Cavalieri's letters, a lengthy section of excerpts from letters and documents containing references to Cavalieri, documentation on organ building in which Cavalieri was involved (including a substantial discussion of the era's interest in the enharmonic genus), a genealogy of the family, and addenda to Court Musicians in Florence, as well as a full collection of illustrations.
PAUL EDDERY was seen to good effect on Anima Mundi in the opening novice auction race, keeping the Nerys Dutfield-trained filly covered up at the back of the field until producing her late on the wide outside.