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AGAPAs Good As Possible
AGAPAnion Gap (diagnostic tool)
AGAPAwareness Group on AIDS Prevention (Amsterdam, Netherlands and Cape Town, South Africa)
AGAPAnti-Apostasy Movement Alliance
AGAPAssociação de Empresas de Ginásios e Academias de Portugal
AGAPAttitude Gyro and Accelerometer Package (NASA)
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Although this patient appeared to have had a high anion gap metabolic acidosis with respiratory alkalosis, other acid-base imbalances can occur in AKA.
High anion gap metabolic acidosis secondary to pyroglutamic acidosis (5-oxoprolinuria): association with prescription drugs and malnutrition.
9) While it is unlikely that laboratory personnel or clinicians would attribute a markedly increased serum or plasma bicarbonate concentration and negative anion gap to physiologic or pathophysiologic changes, in cases where the degree of assay interference is less pronounced, the possibility exists for incorrect interpretation of acid-base status.
In our current study, there were 2 patients who have elevated lactate levels with increased anion gap.
Severe Anion Gap Acidosis associated with intravenous sodium thiosulfate administration.
Both lower bicarbonate and higher anion gap are independently associated with insulin resistance.
gt;146 mmol/L; hypochloremia, Cl<98; high anion gap, >20; low TC[O.
Laboratory values were significant for a creatinine of 4, BUN of 29, potassium of 6, bicarbonate of 9, and anion gap of 10.
2 C Chloride, mmol/L 93 L Carbon dioxide, mmol/L Anion gap, mmol/L (b) Glucose, mg/dL 88 (4.