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AN1Aniridia (genetics)
AN1Ascending Neuron 1 (neuroscience)
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Around 700 people attended the event, which was held at Georgian country pile Acton House near Felton, raising more than pounds 13,000 towards stem cell research into aniridia.
Ella recently underwent risky surgery at Great Ormond Street in London for glaucoma in her right eye, which is a common complaint for aniridia sufferers.
Paid for by the on-going Moorfields' fundraising initiative 'Shine a light on aniridia', a large amount of the money was raised by the Northumberland-based Chapple family, led by Elly Chapple whose daughter Ella was found to have aniridia and glaucoma in her right eye.
Three-year-old Ella Chapple has no irises, a condition called aniridia which, in her case, results from a chromosome disorder called WAGR syndrome that affects one in 800,000 babies.
James, 35, and Elly, 34, who also have a six-month-old son Reuben, have raised almost pounds 11,000 to fund research into aniridia.
A contribution from the proceeds will also go to two other charities - Gafael Llaw and Aniridia UK.
Brothers Dominic and Lewis James suffer from a condition entitled Aniridia (without irises) and Nystagmus which results in extreme sensitivity to bright light and involuntary eye movement which makes fixation and scanning tiring and difficult.
His teams aims, were to design and test the reliability of a new tool for grading LSCD, to define a set of core outcome measures to use in evaluating treatments to demonstrate the treatments' impact on two common types of LSCD: a genetic disorder called aniridia and Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS), an inflammatory disorder.
The acquired products and the estimated amount of volume / year Group A1: gooseneck vakiotekomykiE[micro]t, 7 000; : Group A1a spherical IOL, 200; : Group A2: gooseneck and hard bulkier artificial lens, 200; : Group B1: Kammiokulmn rely on the artificial lens afkkiin eye, 100; : Group B2: IOL iris mounted afkkiin eye, 200; : Group C1: Special toric contact lenses, 400 units; : C 2: Special lenses and multifocal akkomodatiiviset, 100; : C 3: Special lenses mykiE[micro]lliseen eye, 50; : Group C4: Special lenses tekomykiE[micro]lliseen eye, 50; : Group C5 Aniridia IOL and artificial iris, 20 units; : Group D1: Kapselipussitukirenkt, 400 units; : Group D2: Sew-up rings and arches, 50; : Contract amounts are estimates and HUS commitment to acquire the amount stated.
Claire was born with a condition called aniridia, which causes incomplete formation of the iris - the coloured part of the eye - and loss of vision.