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AN1Aniridia (genetics)
AN1Ascending Neuron 1 (neuroscience)
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Those affected by aniridia also have a 50/50 chance of developing Wilms' tumour, a form of kidney cancer in children.
Sin embargo, se ha podido demostrar que en el caso de pacientes que presentan aniridia, el tratamiento con la membrana amniotica solo ofrece resultados transitorios (59, 60).
Se atendieron tres pacientes con glaucoma del desarrollo bilateral asociados a aniridia, uno de los cuales fue tratado con TCE, obteniendo buenos resultados con control de la PIO.
Another challenge that was met by the show's designers, with help from ArtSelect: Two of the Llanes's three children suffer from aniridia, a degenerative eye disease that allows them to see only light, colors, and brightness.
This cocktail was featured at a VIP dinner including Carmen Electra at the Star Room in New York's posh Hamptons in August hosted by Cointreau with proceeds to aid Aniridia eye disease research.
The eye disease profile reported in the earlier study differed remarkably from this current study: nearly half of the participants in the earlier study were diagnosed with congenital vision disorders, including retinopathy of prematurity, congenital coloboma, congenital cataracts, and aniridia.
Mr Young suffers from aniridia, a condition which means that he has no iris in his eyes.
Cowden * Tumor de Wilms, aniridia, anomalias genitourinarias y retraso mental * Translocacion constitucional * S.
Usually mutations [in PAX6] cause major anomalies in the eye, like aniridia," a condition in which the eye lacks the iris.
At school, Bandy usually hangs out with 16-year-old Latasha Bense, her longtime friend who is visually impaired because of a genetic condition called aniridia.
But the 11-year-old has been blind since birth after being born with aniridia, where the iris is completely missing.