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The DSC scans for the annealed zsimultaneously and sequentially stretched samples are shown in Figs.
Table 1 shows the atomic ratios of Sn to S in deposited and thermally annealed CdS/SnS and ZnS/SnS films.
The sols were spin coated on copper substrate and annealed at 200C and 300C for 60min.
This complicated the evaluation of the reliability of the conclusions, and we have therefore decided to carry out investigations of the structure of the annealed ribbons, although with a slightly different composition, with 4 at.
Figures 7 and 8 show the fractured surface morphologies of both the as-sprayed and annealed Ti coatings.
Additionally the VB-V size coefficients for the specimens annealed at 375 K and 500 K are shown.
Samples were annealed at room temperature and 155[degrees]C with variation of the annealing time.
Different wire-tying systems are often configured to work with one of the two main types of wire: black annealed or galvanized steel wire.
The same explosion would turn an annealed pane into tiny daggers.
Hudson also monitors time and temperature readings for each annealed batch, per customer and internal quality requirements.
Medium-pressure 316/316L stainless steel tubing for use in applications up to 15,000 psig (1034) bar is available in heavy wall annealed or cold-drawn 1/8-hard condition.