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ANXAscending Node Crossing (satellites)
ANXassign NNXX routing (US DoD)
ANXAnnex Records
ANXAutomotive Network Exchange (AIAG)
ANXAdvanced Network Exchange
ANXAdventrx Pharmaceuticals (San Diego, CA)
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The company's existing brands include PostalAnnex+, Navis Pack and Ship, AIM Mail Center, Handle With Care Packaging Store, Parcel Plus, Sunshine Pack and Ship, and Annex Copy Center.
Ahmed Awadh Bin Mubarak, director of the presidential office, said "the signing of the security annex without any modifications was done to remove any confusion and end any suspicions.
All these documents that we had signed are important, but the annex on normalisation and addendum on Bangsamoro waters is vital because it is the last of the four annexes that completes the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro signed in October 2012," he said.
Women's Annex is currently seeking corporate partners to accomplish its goals of building the schools Afghanistan needs.
Annex III provides for a restriction of rights to benefit in kind (health care) for family members of a frontier worker.
According to Green, MSG wants to convert the booths into ticket windows, which would give it a significant presence well beyond the confines of the western annex.
Within the Kyoto Protocol, each Annex I country must include domestic measures as part of its overall plan to reduce emissions.
The Annex XV scope of work is organized into three subtasks.
Annex II: the list of existing substances for which at least one notification has been accepted or for which a Member State has shown an interest;
Unfortunately, the Department of State reviewers familiar with the Annex could not tell that these items were included in the case, while the implementing agency reviewers who were familiar with the case were not aware of the Amex.
Icons have been defined in SPI-2 annex for all the different SCSI interfaces.