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They held each other by the hand, as the old grand-father and grand-mother yonder in the New Booths did, and they talked exactly like them of old times, and of the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding.
To-morrow is the anniversary of the death of my poor father, whom you knew and who was very fond of you.
This anniversary and your sudden appearance in my room at the Opera, the other evening, reminded me of the time long past and made me write to you as the little girl that I then was.
99) Windows' official blog to reveal that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for mobile devices is already out, and it is set to reach all Windows 10 Mobile users all over the world, specifically in countries where Windows 10 is available.
Each company has marked its anniversary with a special logo; Remington and Winchester Repeating Arms introduced limited edition anniversary firearms, while Winchester Ammunition is celebrating 150 years with commemorative packaging.
Nordic Ware celebrates 70 years with three anniversary cast aluminum bakeware pieces, including the Crown Bundt Pan with a teardrop design.
The 164th birth anniversary of Paciano Rizal, revolutionary and older brother of national hero Dr.
Who will probably emerge as a case study for taking a niche property to a higher level courtesy of its 50th anniversary.
The anniversary kick-starts a year-long calendar of special events, including the zoo's 50th Anniversary Summer Sundown Weekender, a wildlife photography competition, a 50th anniversary commemorative book, a Summer Reception for local business people, a 50th Gala Fundraiser for Easter 2014, a Memorial Tribute to Mary Branker, the Zoo's first vet.
The anniversary event will include musical performances from Solid Gold, X-Boys, Pert Near Sandstone, Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles, and The Prizefighters.
Chepstow Racecourse wants to share this diamond anniversary with people who enjoyed their 60th anniversary this year.
An anniversary might merely be a reason for you to be cheerful on that particular day.