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ANAs Needed
ANAuthor's Note
ANAssociated Number
ANArmy Navy (hydraulic or pneumatic fitting used in the aerospace industry)
ANAssociate Nurse
ANArrival Notice (shipping)
ANArmy Nurse Corps
ANAtomic Number
ANNetherlands Antilles (top-level domain name)
ANAscending Node
ANArmy Nomenclature
ANAryan Nations
ANAdministrators' Noticeboard (Wikimedia Foundation)
ANAragonese (ISO 639-1 language code)
ANAuftragnehmer (German: contractor)
ANAnime Nation (anime website and forum)
ANAnime North
ANArchives Nationales du Canada (National Archives of Canada)
ANAssemblé Nationale (French Parliament)
ANAlsace Nature
ANAkademija Nauk (Academy of Sciences; Russia)
ANAirworthiness Notice
ANAvian Nephritis
ANAhmadi Nezhad (Iran)
ANAstroNest (company)
ANAlternating Network
ANAldo Nero (Spanish, shoes and leather good maker)
ANArmy Interoperability Network
ANAcronym Namespace (humor)
ANanalog nonsecure (US DoD)
AnActinon (Actinium emanation)
ANAmerican Nightmare (band)
ANAnglais (French: English)
ANAirborne Network
ANArabian Nights
ANAccount Name
ANAccount Number
ANAccess Number
ANAnnum (Latin: Year)
ANAncona (Marche, Italy)
ANApocalypse Now (movie)
ANAmbient Noise
ANAnorexia Nervosa
ANAntonov (Soviet aircraft designer)
ANAccess Node
ANAlleanza Nazionale (Italian: National Alliance, right-wing political party)
ANAccess Network
ANAhonen (blood group)
ANAllied Nations (Street Fighter game)
ANAmmonium Nitrate
ANAnsett Australia Airlines (flight number prefix)
ANAcanthosis Nigricans (skin disorder)
ANAlianza Nacional (National Alliance, Guatemala)
ANAdvisory Note
ANAcoustic Neuroma
ANArquivo Nacional (Portuguese: National Archives; Brazil)
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PS1m for Natural Resources Wales to implement improved revenue collection, with expected savings of PS800,000 per annum.
The UK economy is set to grow at or just above 2 1/2 per cent per annum both this year and next.
4 billion per annum of this came from companies, UK resident individuals, charities, non-resident individuals, and other smaller sources.
The full-scale 700,000 tonne per annum GTL plant to be constructed, along with the 3,000 tonne per annum CTL pilot plant will place Syntroleum and Sinopec as leaders in the Fischer-Tropsch industry in China.
Unit 6 provides 3,400 sq ft at a rental of pounds 18,700 per annum, while Unit 7 offers 3,815 sq ft at a rental of pounds 21,000 per annum.
The overall estimated volume for this contract is potentially up to 100 000 tonnes per annum.
The first one provides 600 sq ft at an initial rental of pounds 10,500 per annum exclusive, while the second one offers 260 sq ft at pounds 5,000 per annum exclusive.
6 lakh tonne per annum unit will be set up at Palghar, in Thane district of Maharashtra.
Currently surplus cash flow amounts to approximately GBP 750 million per annum.
The amendment also provides that the interest rate on the Whitebox notes shall be eight percent (8%) per annum if the Company raises $10 million or more in equity financing on or before July 31, 2006, but if the Company raises at least $10 million in capital on or before July 31, 2006, but such capital consists of less than $10 million of equity financing, then the interest rates shall be adjusted to nine percent (9%) per annum.
Unit 2, at pounds 14,000 per annum exclusive, has a roller-shutter door, lobby, office and toilet facilities.