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AFTPAnonymous Ftp
AFTPArt for the People (Takoma Park, MD)
AFTPAssociation Francophone des Types Psychologiques (French: French Association of Psychological Types)
AFTPAutomatic for the People (R.E.M. album)
AFTPAnonymous File Transfer Protocol
AFTPAdditional Flight Training Period (US Air Force)
AFTPAgri-Food Trade Program (Canada)
AFTPAdditional Flying Training Period
AFTPAircrew Flight Training Period
AFTPAPPC (Advanced Program-to-Program Communication) File Transfer Protocol (computer applications)
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(27.) See generally Anonymous FTP Abuses, supra note 25.
A "heavy" attack will perform each of these steps and search for several other known vulnerabilities, such as writable anonymous ftp directories or trusted hosts.
It is a user-level process that runs on Unix systems and connects to remote machines via authenticated and anonymous FTP and HTTP protocols.
Anonymous FTP allows a user to retrieve documents, files, programs, and other archived data from anywhere in the Internet.
In addition to the conventional site-to-site transfers, there are many anonymous FTP sites on the Internet where browsers can access and retrieve public domain information, software and data files free of charge.
The most common form of FTP is known as anonymous FTP. This is because access to remote computer systems for FTP is granted when the user logs on to the remote computer with the user ID "anonymous".
anonymous FTP: A procedure by which users sign on to a remote computer with the login name "anonymous" and then transfer files from the remote site to their local computers.
Both organizations can be accessed by "anonymous FTP" through your Internet access provider (S&T: August 1995, page 24).