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ANRSAgence Nationale de Recherche sur le Sida
ANRSAutomatic Noise Reduction System
ANRSAssociation Nationale de Réadaptation Sociale (French: National Association of Social Rehabilitation)
ANRSAdministratia Nationala a Rezervelor de Stat (Romania)
ANRSAnorthosite (lithological term)
ANRSAmerican Northwest Recovery Solutions (Clackamas, OR)
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The mineralization occurs along the contact between the SKI and AN-Series gabbroic anorthosites.
The petrogenetic model for massif-type anorthosite differs from the more in situ origins postulated for other types of anorthosite (Fig.
Anorthosite, a greyish to whitish fine-grained rock, is used in glass, ceramics, metallurgical and filler applications.
Stephen Gabbro Principal olivine gabbro, anorthositic dunite, troctolitc, oli- rock types gabbro, norite, anorthosite, vine gabbro, anorthositic gabbro gabbro, anorthosite, norite, gabbro Primary olivine ([FO.
Should final bulk test samples of an anorthosite deposit near Foleyet prove positive, a production plant could be built within a year.
The Meshikamau project area features one of the largest anorthosite and olivine-bearing gabbro intrusive suites in eastern Canada but only recently has been recognized to represent a prospective setting for Voisey's Bay-type nickel-copper-cobalt deposits.
The geology of Canada also offers other possible Moon and Mars analogues, such as basaltic volcanoes and anorthosite bodies.
The 10-acre mine where Pacific Industrial Minerals owner John Heter intends to extract 150,000 tons of anorthosite annually for 20 years is on a 320-acre claim on Soledad Canyon Road.
The petrology and geochemistry of an anorthosite suite, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia.
In a wide range of terrains, Diviner revealed the presence of lunar soils with compositions more sodium rich than that of the typical anorthosite crust.
Small and isolated intrusions of diorite, gabbro, gabbronorite, ultramafic rocks, monzonite, syenite and anorthosite constitute about 2% of the area.