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ANSWERAct Now to Stop War & End Racism
ANSWERAction Network for Social Work Education and Research
ANSWERApplications 'n Support for Widely-diverse Enduser Requirements
ANSWERAdolescents Never Suicide When Everyone Responds (various locations)
ANSWERAlaska Native Student Wisdom Enrichment Retreat
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MENO: I would rather that you should answer, Socrates.
MENO: But if a person were to say that he does not know what colour is, any more than what figure is--what sort of answer would you have given him?
And if he were a philosopher of the eristic and antagonistic sort, I should say to him: You have my answer, and if I am wrong, your business is to take up the argument and refute me.
SOCRATES: You are outrageous, Meno, in thus plaguing a poor old man to give you an answer, when you will not take the trouble of remembering what is Gorgias' definition of virtue.
SOCRATES: Why, because you always speak in imperatives: like all beauties when they are in their prime, you are tyrannical; and also, as I suspect, you have found out that I have weakness for the fair, and therefore to humour you I must answer.
SOCRATES: Would you like me to answer you after the manner of Gorgias, which is familiar to you?
MENO: That, Socrates, appears to me to be an admirable answer.
That you should not answer is intolerable," Ernest replied gravely.
Fire away, and do not forget that I here challenge you to give the answer that Colonel Van Gilbert has failed to give.
When they attacked the working class, he always retorted, "The pot calling the kettle black; that is no answer to the charge that your own face is dirty.
In roar of shell and shrapnel and in whine of machine-guns will our answer be couched.
An argument which the future is preparing in answer to the demands of American Socialism.