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ANTAAN (Army After Next) Net Technology
ANTAntigua (ETR)
ANTNetherlands Antilles (ISO Country code)
ANTAntagonist (video game website)
ANTActor-Network Theory
ANTAntrim (county of Ulster)
ANTAnime No Tomodachi
ANTAdenine Nucleotide Translocator
ANTAids to Navigation Team
ANTAnother Neat Tool
ANTAssociazione Nazionale Tumori (Italy: National Cancer Association)
ANTAme No Tsuki (French animated series)
ANTAutomatic Negative Thought
ANTADSL Network Termination
ANTAutoritatea Nationala pentru Turism (Romania)
ANTAirspace and Navigation Team
ANTBlue Antimora
ANTAccess Network Transport
ANTAlgorithmic Noise-Tolerance
ANTAssistencia Nacional aos Tuberculosos (Portuguese Anti-Tuberculosis Group)
ANTAutonomous Negotiating Team
ANTAdvanced Navigation Trainer
ANTActive Name Table
ANTAbstract of New Technology
ANTAnalogue Network Terminator (ISDN)
ANTAction News Team
ANTAcid Neutralization Tank
ANTAdvanced Nuclear Technology (various locations)
ANTAdvanced Network Technology (various locations)
ANTAltered Nuclear Transfer
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The ALL-IN-ONE high-performance base station antenna is a direct response to what we construed as a genuine demand for a product with versatile applications and bandwidth range.
Available in both standard and custom solutions, Ethertronics' IMD technology can be quickly implemented into a range of product designs, from single to penta-band coverage with the capability to deliver up to 40 percent higher performance than competing antenna technologies.
In late 2005, Airgain launched its first smart antenna, the MaxBeam75 802.
Ethertronics' antennas have been designed into several global manufacturers' handsets, including Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Symbol, as well as an innovative GPS watch from Casio and Bluetooth modules for HP notebook computers.
New customers gained on both sides of the Atlantic plus widespread adoption from existing customers earned Antenna recognition as the tenth fastest growing company in North America and the fastest growing technology company in New Jersey in Deloitte's 2006 Technology Fast 500 and Fast 50 rankings.
MTI flat panel antenna range for fixed wireless applications includes base station, subscriber and omni directional antennas for Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) systems in all Sub-11GHz bands for outdoor and indoor deployments including smart antennas for WiMAX BTS and CPE.
MTI Wireless Edge Adds Three New Low Axial Ratio RFID Reader Antennas to Their RFID UHF Bandwidth Products
It has been designed to confine the current flow on the antenna element and optimize its isolation to deliver higher performance in a small form factor with minimal SAR emissions.
Laird Technologies is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of electromagnetic interference [EMI] shielding, telematics, thermal management and wireless antenna solutions for the telecommunications, data-communications, computer, general electronics, network equipment, aerospace, defense, automotive and medical equipment industries.
The new half foot integrated enclosure and antenna solution can accommodate any of MTI's standard flat panel antennas from half foot and above in all frequency bands.
com/reports/c43718) has announced the addition of Ultra Wideband Antennas and Propagation for Communications, Radar and Imaging to their offering
By eliminating the need for tower climbs, the Stella Netamorphic Antenna can save operators approximately $5 million for every 500 base stations they add to their network, which quickly adds up to hundreds of millions in savings if the operator is planning a nationwide presence.