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ANTAAN (Army After Next) Net Technology
ANTAntigua (ETR)
ANTNetherlands Antilles (ISO Country code)
ANTAntagonist (video game website)
ANTApplied New Technologies (Germany)
ANTActor-Network Theory
ANTAcid Neutralization Tank
ANTAntrim (county of Ulster)
ANTAdvanced Nuclear Technology (various locations)
ANTAdvanced Network Technology (various locations)
ANTAction News Team
ANTAdvanced New Technology
ANTAdvanced Network Technology
ANTAdvanced Network Tools
ANTActor Network Theory
ANTAnime No Tomodachi
ANTAdenine Nucleotide Translocator
ANTAltered Nuclear Transfer
ANTAids to Navigation Team
ANTAnother Neat Tool
ANTAssociazione Nazionale Tumori (Italy: National Cancer Association)
ANTAssociation of Nail Technicians (UK)
ANTAme No Tsuki (French animated series)
ANTAutomatic Negative Thought
ANTADSL Network Termination
ANTAutoritatea Nationala pentru Turism (Romania)
ANTAutoNetworks Technologies, Ltd. (Japan)
ANTAirspace and Navigation Team
ANTBlue Antimora
ANTAccess Network Transport
ANTAlgorithmic Noise-Tolerance
ANTAssistencia Nacional aos Tuberculosos (Portuguese Anti-Tuberculosis Group)
ANTAutonomous Negotiating Team
ANTAdvanced Navigation Trainer
ANTActive Name Table
ANTAbstract of New Technology
ANTAnalogue Network Terminator (ISDN)
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The lateral plate is fairly long and thin, being broader at the anterior end.
Using anterior segment imaging methods to visualize lesion features such as location and thickness and to determine whether lesions are solid or cystic, limited to the iris or involve the ciliary body are important for diagnosis and treatment planning in patients with iris or iridociliary lesions.
Conclusion: In our study the excellent results of the penile skin flap both in anterior urethral strictures and combined anterior and bulbar urethral strictures are quite encouraging.
The acute nature of anterior uveitis in most cases leads the patient to seek care resulting in early detection of the disease.
Thus, concomitant ST elevation could be observed and explained by anterior and inferior wall transmural ischemia simultaneously (6).
Estimated rate of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction performed per year in the United States ranges from 60,000 to 175,0001 and in Italy is about 20,000 every year.
Conclusion: Sonourethrography (SUG) is more accurate in detection of anterior urethral strictures than the retrograde urethrography (RUG).
The routine surgical procedure for congenital cataract is to perform continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis (CCC), aspirate the soft lens matter, perform posterior circular capsulorhexis and remove the anterior vitreous.
Anterior cervical hypertrichosis (ACH) is a very rare form of primary regional hypertrichosis characterized with a tuft of terminal hair on the anterior neck just above the laryngeal prominence (1).