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Following three patients presented with motor deficits in addition to sensory symptoms in the upper extremity due to compression of the radial nerve, anterior interosseous nerve and posterior interosseos nerve respectively.
Of these, 18 patients resolved on the first post-operative day, while 12 patients recovered at 3 months and 2 patients at 6 months follow-up; after a year, 1 persisted with anterior interosseous nerve (AIN) palsy.
He used anterior interosseous nerve end to pronator quadratus for end to side coaptation to deep motor fascicle to ulnar nerve in distal forearm for intrinsic hand function restoration.
A rare clinical entity that affects the anterior interosseous innervated muscles in the fore arm, anterior interosseous nerve syndrome (AINS)'s etiology is unclear.
Four had nerve injuries at the time of presentation, out of which two had anterior interosseous nerve injury and one each had involvement of radial nerve and ulnar nerve.
4] This anastomosis involves axons leaving either the main trunk of median nerve or the anterior interosseous nerve, crossing through the forearm to join the main trunk of the ulnar nerve and ultimately innervating the intrinsic hand muscles.
Nerve entrapment and compression syndromes of the elbow include cubital tunnel syndrome, radial tunnel syndrome, posterior interosseous nerve syndrome, anterior interosseous nerve syndrome and pronator syndrome.
The median nerve runs down the anteromedial aspect of the arm but first gives rise to the anterior interosseous nerve, which descends on the interosseous membrane between the flexor digitorum profundus (FDP) and flexor pollicis longus (FPL).
One of the nerves leading to a muscle was taken and attached to the anterior interosseous nerve, which goes to the hand.
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