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ANTHAP180 N-Terminal Homology (biochemistry)
ANTHAnthrax (CBRN modeling)
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Researchers transferred the samples which may have contained live anthrax bacteria to the lower-security CDC labs not equipped to handle them.
Alerts have also been sent to health professionals to remind them of the symptoms of anthrax infection.
The recently announced $24 million contract with HHS to fund continued development of an anthrax monoclonal antibody; The recently announced notification received from HHS that states the company's proposal to provide 25 million doses of a recombinant anthrax vaccine is technically acceptable and within the competitive range; and Ongoing discussions with HHS for the continued supply of BioThrax, the only vaccine licensed by the FDA for the prevention of anthrax, for the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).
Intended as a history of anthrax, the book places anthrax at the hub of human history.
Kane plans next to test the liposomes on animals that already have an established anthrax infection.
Because cutaneous anthrax was suspected, wound crusts, swabs for bacterial cultures, and Dacron swabs used for PCR were mailed as quickly as possible to the Belgian national reference laboratory.
Simulating an anthrax release, city and county workers stationed at folding tables handed out empty pill bottles to volunteers -- mostly students -- as officials kept count on the progress: The goal was 1,500 people an hour.
The assistant secretary of defense for health affairs approved the Air Force plan for resuming mandatory anthrax vaccinations.
Cutaneous anthrax is the most common manifestation of naturally acquired B.
But a location may need to be decontaminated and tested even if anthrax didn't actually appear on the premises.
Hanna emphasizes that anthrax in nature isn't a threat to public health.