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ANTHAP180 N-Terminal Homology (biochemistry)
ANTHAnthrax (CBRN modeling)
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Anthrax is known to occur globally and it has been estimated that as many as 20,000 to 1,00,000 human cases of anthrax occur annually generally in underdeveloped regions of the world where livestock are not vaccinated.
A potential exposure from live anthrax bacteria are now under investigation after researchers in a high-level biosecurity laboratory at a U.
Health officials said it was not clear whether the case was linked to recent cases of anthrax infection in drug users in Blackpool and Scotland.
We are very encouraged to have signed this development contract with BARDA/NIAID in support of AV7909, one of our next generation anthrax vaccine candidates," said Daniel J.
In October and November 2001, our nation was truly frightened by cases of anthrax poisoning contracted mainly through opening mail.
No other product is approved by the FDA to prevent anthrax before exposure.
Considered one of the most deadly of potential terrorist weapons by the federal government, anthrax is a bacteria, which in a still-unsolved 2001 attack using the U.
It is extremely rare for anthrax to be spread from person to person.
The scientists injected two different doses of the liposomes into two groups of nine rats, each of which had just been injected with anthrax toxin.
To the Editor: Anthrax is a rare zoonotic disease among travelers.
Spores, Plagues, and History: The Story of Anthrax provides a well-researched, historical perspective on the origin and use not only of anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) but other biological pathogens that have afflicted humans and animals over the centuries, both as an act of nature and as a deliberate act of man.