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BMI calculated according to the formula (1) contains two of the most important static anthropological measures standing body height h and mass m.
Evans-Pritchard) is an abiding metatheoretical project of questioning the production of anthropological knowledge.
In their deep investigation of tourism, Les Robert and Hazel Andrews adopt an existential point of view of the subject by suggesting that instead of fixing the taxonomic, disciplinary and epistemological boundaries of tourism anthropology for the future development of the field, we should instead focus on consolidating, re-evaluating, and re-situating anthropological perspectives on 'doing' tourism and tourism anthropology as it now exists.
This model of the Out of Africa expansion provides the framework for testing other anthropological and genetic models, Henn said, and will allow researchers to constrain various parameters on computer simulations, which will ultimately improve their accuracy.
Ari came to realize he had better luck publishing in American anthropological journals if he used the coda of postmodernism along with a healthy dose of America bashing.
To begin, Shankman discusses Margaret Mead's popularity and her anthropological works, and then juxtaposes her decades-long celebrity with her more recent and posthumous foray into the media spotlight.
First, structural anthropology emerges out of a set of esthetic questions; second, these esthetic questions raised by anthropological "data" have implications for esthetic theory and specifically the esthetics of modern art.
An anthropological report commissioned by the government claims that one Ngapa family group has rights to the site.
A concluding chapter provides an overview of the pandemic in the 21st century and includes successful intervention efforts, anthropological strategies and a comparison between the United States and non-industrialized countries in treatment protocols.
SIR - Anthropological facts are anthropological facts no matter who quotes them.
Written by Samuel Gerald Collins (Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of Cultural Studies, Towson University) All Tomorrow's Cultures: Anthropological Engagements with the Future explores how anthropological knowledge of past and present human culture has been applied to speculate on its future, from the predictions generated by 19th-century anthropological thought to insights garnered in the modern day.
Sheridan and his company Menlo Innovations have changed the face of the software industry by integrating anthropological techniques into their business.