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(18.) The anthropological and theological literature is vast; I list a few examples related to Zulu cosmology: A-I.
In the fourth chapter, Strathern addresses issues related to the limits of anthropological understanding.
The historical evidence before us shows that only at the turn to the twentieth century does the image of the berdache as a person who might choose his lifestyle begin to appear in the (anthropological) sources.
These compiled narratives represent the anthropological gatherings from and understandings of the observed event and/or experience.
This particular one is not peculiar because of a fetishistic interest in cannibalism or any other weird and wonderful obsession but rather because, while addressing a purportedly anthropological topic, it is in fact complete uninformed by contemporary anthropological knowledge and seems to exist in its own cultural bell jar.
The Gospels and Their Stories in Anthropological Perspective
The Search for a Cause: An Anthropological Perspective on a Neurological Disease in Guam, Western Pacific.
Factors of working environment from cabin when interacting with anthropological measures of engine drivers can affect the task difficulty, increasing all kinds of workload of drivers (physical, psychological, sensory) during driving, reducing the reliability and safety of the driver.
[eth]nhe leaders of the island's divided communities have agreed to jointly visit the anthropological laboratory of the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) on July 24, before their meeting on the same day, the United Nations said on Monday.
Nor is it a typical ethnographic account of Cuban Ifa, if such a project is construed, as it usually is, to be an attempt to represent Ifa practice in anthropological terms.