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AFMAirplane Flight Manual
AFMAtomic Force Microscope
AFMAtomic Force Microscopy
AFMAmerican Federation of Musicians
AFMAutoriteit Financiële Markten (Dutch: Authority for the Financial Markets)
AFMAmerican Film Market
AFMAssociation Française contre les Myopathies
AFMAdobe Font Metrics (file extension)
AFMAnnals of Family Medicine (peer reviewed journal; est. 2003)
AFMAircraft Flight Manual
AFMAir Flow Meter
AFMAir Force Manual
AFMArmed Forces of Malta
AFMArmy Field Manual
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AFMAccredited Farm Manager (American Society of Farm Managers & Rural Appraisers, ASFMRA)
AFMAbrasive Flow Machining
AFMAlliance for Marriage (
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AFMAgricultural and Forest Meteorology
AFMArea Field Manager
AFMAudio Frequency Modulation
AFMAutomated Formal Methods (Workshop)
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AFMAssistant Floor Manager
AFMAir Flow Measurement
AFMAdobe Font Manager
AFMArmy Flow Model
AFMAviation Fleet Maintenance
AFMArmed Forces Museum
AFMAthletic Field Maintenance
AFMAutomatic Flight Management
AFMAmerican Family Member
AFMAnadromous Fish Managers
AFMArmed Forces Management
AFMAward Fee Milestone
AFMAir Flow Multiplier
AFMAggrieved Family Member (criminology)
AFMAward Fee Monitor
AFMAnalog Frequency Modulation
AFMActuated Folding Mirror
AFMArticulating Fold Mirror
AFMAxial-Field Machine
AFMAdvertising Federation of Musicians
AFMAssociation of Facilities Managers
AFMAssociated Furniture Manufacturers
AFMAnti-Friction Metal
AFMAffirmative Fair Housing Marketing (Plan; Boston, MA)
AFMAssociation of Futures Market
AFMAviation Forecast Model
AFMAutomatic Firing Mechanism
AFMAnalog Frame Maker
AFMAbounding Faith Ministries (UK)
AFMAdvanced Fluid Mechanics (course)
AFMAssociation Française de Mécanique (French: French Association of Mechanics)
AFMAlcohol Fermentation Monitor (bioreactor)
AFMArchibus Facilities Management (software)
AFMAngel Food Ministries (Georgia)
AFMActive Filter Media (Dryden Aqua Ltd.; UK and France)
AFMActive Fuel Management (vehicles)
AFMAssociation Française de Musicothérapie (French: French Music Therapy Association)
AFMAdvanced File Manager (software)
AFMAccounting Financial Management
AFMArctic Flight Meet (Finland and Sweden)
AFMAssociation Française du Marketing (French: French Marketing Association)
AFMAcademy of Family Mediators (est. 1981; Eugene, OR)
AFMAssociation Figurines et Maquettes de Montrouge (French: Montrouge Miniature Figurines Association; Montrouge, France)
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in addition for the Fe/Cr/Fe sandwich system, the existence of antiferromagnetic interlayer coupling was reported for Co/Cu multilayers and many other systems.
1] K with decreasing temperature because of the presence of antiferromagnetic interactions between two [Fe.
Electron-Hole Symmetry and Magnetic Coupling in Antiferromagnetic LaFeAsO.
This means that antiferromagnetic atom rows can be spaced much more closely without magnetically interfering with each other.
As the number of holes increases, the motion of the holes frustrates the antiferromagnetic order since the hole hops from site to site without changing the directions of its spin, and thus suppress the antiferromagnetic order along its path.
This behavior is consistent with very weak antiferromagnetic interaction between the copper(II) ions.
And in both groups, superconductivity appears when scientists destabilize the antiferromagnetic order--through doping or by applying pressure--and magnetic orientations within the crystal start to fluctuate, switching from up to down.
This indicates that the microspherules have a ferromagnetic content higher than Maastrichtian or Danian material, but lower than impact layer bulk sample, and that they have a high fraction of high coercivity antiferromagnetic material, in contrast with the impact layer bulk sample which is dominated by a ferrimagnetic phase.
2] plane forms the square lattice of antiferromagnetic spins.
It also discusses the measurements for simple representatives of antiferromagnets and superconductors like the transition metal based uni-axial two-sublattice antiferromagnetic insulator and superconducting dichalcogenide 2H-NbSe2, which reveal quantum oscillations of magnetostriction and its peculiarities in a peak effect regime.
Pankhurst QA, Pollard RJ (1990) Mossbauer spectra of antiferromagnetic powders in applied fields.
1]H NMR spectra of oxo-centered Cr(III) carboxylate assemblies possess readily discernable signals; the ability to observe these broad signals is aided by the antiferromagnetic coupling between the chromic centers, effectively reducing the magnetic moment per Cr (Glass, et al.