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[X.sub.t] = antilog ([[beta].sub.0] + [[beta].sub.1]t)
Three such measures were tested: The mean, the median, and the antilog of the mean logarithm.
For instance, the antilog of the coefficient for FACADE (-0.8452) is 0.4295.
(19) The antilog of the estimated variance function provides estimates of [[sigma.sup.2.sub.i] that can be used to obtain GLS estimates of Equation 3.
All values presented for gall number are the antilog of the mean minus one.
To determine the extent to which differences in prices and attributes can explain union/nonunion cost differences, the antilog of (2) is evaluated using parameter estimates and mean variable values.
A discussion of the results of that analysis can be found in the section Medicare Beneficiaries living in Non-metropolitan Areas." (7) An anonymous reviewer correctly pointed out that because of the semilogarithmic form, to interpret the regression coefficient as percent change, one should take the antilog of the regression coefficient (to the base e) minus 1.
It is calculated by taking the antilog of the negative of the summation of each gap dummy coefficient multiplied by the proportion of the women who left work experiencing the length of the gap in labor force participation.
(2) The percentages reported in this section were obtained by taking the antilog of the relevant dummy variables.
(4) This percentage is derived by subtracting one from the antilog of the mean MPU, since the income equations are all in natural logs.
These coefficients can be converted to index numbers, with 1972 = 100, by taking the antilog of each year's value and multiplying by 100.
In accordance with the procedure described in Materials and Methods, the antilog of the intercept of the linear regression indicated that the [NE.sub.m] was 260.62 [+ or -] 13.21 kJ/[kg.sup.0.75] of SBW/d, and it corresponds to the [ME.sub.m] of 401.99 [+ or -] 20.31 kJ/[kg.sup.0.75] of SBW/d, calculated by iteration of the equation regressed by [Log.sub.10]HP against MEI.