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With their often comic frankness, the letters are an illuminating medium through which to read Scott the architect, antiquary, and novelist composing his ironic heritage: and the genealogical implications of romantic archaeology in The Antiquary.
The narrative of the heir's restoration in The Antiquary enacts in miniature Scott's narrative of Scotland in Britain.
We've also got TEN second prizes of a 70cl bottle of The Antiquary and a branded polo shirt, and 2500 runners-up will each receive a miniature of The Antiquary.
Scott touted The Antiquary in its own advertisement as completing 'a series of fictitious narratives'.
The aim of the book, entitled A Fly in Amber: Being an Extravagant Biography of the Romantic Antiquary Sir Robert Cotton, Mirrlees avers, is to show "what constitutes an antiquary" which she regrets not having space for as "this book is not the Baltic Sea" (88).
He explains Scott's subjectivity with Waverly and Ivanhoe against Zizek, his historicity of The Antiquary and Redgauntlet against Koselleck and DeLanda, his hybridity and performativity of Rob Roy and The Talisman with Bhabha and Butler, his governmentality in The Heart of the Mid-Lothian and Quentin Durward against Foucault and Agamben, and hospitality and community in The Bride of Lammermoor and Chronicle of the Canonngate against Habermas, Derrida and a multitude of theorists.
Medieval Texts, Amateur Readers, and the Queerness of Time, Carolyn Dinshaw argues that amateur scholarship in the field of medieval studies "is itself a bit queer, defined by attachment in a detached world." (1) Given this assertion it is unsurprising that Dinshaw devotes several pages to the creative work of Montague Rhodes James (1862-1936), a renowned "antiquary"-cum-medievalist who also produced some of the most influential ghost stories of all time, tales haunted by varied, and often promiscuous, professional engagements with the past.
WHO authored the volume Ghost Stories Of An Antiquary? WHAT would you do with a cachucha - dance it, wear it or eat it?
TOWARD THE MIDDLE OF THE ANTIQUARY (1816), WALTER SCOTT'S THIRD Waverley novel, two neighbors and friends meet to discuss "money matters." (1) Sir Arthur Wardour, an impoverished baronet, has come to ask the titular antiquary, Jonathan Oldbuck, for an advance of "one hundred pounds or thereabouts" to fund a speculative scheme that will bring him a vast treasure in the form of "the precious metals--, gold and silver" (222).
(178) Woolson's description of the man, who is older, "small" and "travel-worn" in appearance, and too focused on his book and the antiquities to notice the women, marks him as an antiquary, typically imagined as an older gentleman who takes an almost obsessive interest in antiquities.
Stars such as the one and only Thomas Pennant (naturalist, antiquary, traveller), the Welsh Nightingale Sarah Edith Wynne, Paul Panton (Antiquary), Harpist and composer Osian Ellis, Actor/Dramatist Emlyn Williams and of course modern day movie legend Jonathan Pryce.