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ARMATAntiradiation Missile (French)
ARMATAdvance Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Team
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ARM decoys, shown in Figure 7, inexpensive transmitters with outputs resembling that of search and acquisition radars, will provide tempting targets for an enemy's antiradiation missile.
HARM Upgrades The premiere weapon for SEAD, the Raytheon System Company (Lewisville, TX) AN/AGM-88C High-Speed Antiradiation Missile (HARM), carried by the EA-6B Prowler and F-16C/J SEAD aircraft, is being updated in a series of upgrades, including a dual-mode seeker upgrade, in a program known as the Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile Program.
Any radiation source is susceptible to direction-finding instruments and can itself become the target of an antiradiation missile.
Hughes brought its experience in radar warning and ESM, such as the ALR-67(V)3, while Texas Instruments manufactures the High-Speed Antiradiation Missile (HARM), HARM Targeting System, Gen-Ex expendables and supports a number of classified programs.
Plans call for the antiradiation missile to be integrated with P-3Cs and F-111Cs.
As much wizards as warriors, they must analyze the electronic battlefield as it is captured and displayed by the receiver system (tied to the "football" antenna mounted on the tall) and then choose the appropriate response strategy, be it a wash of RF energy from one of the aircraft's jammer pods or a High Speed Antiradiation Missile (HARM) sent down a hostile radar beam like a shot down the gullet.
On the operational side, VAQ-209 has seen its share of action, performing support jamming and High-Speed Antiradiation Missile (HARM) targeting for strike missions in Desert Storm and, more recently, in Bosnia.
The Saudi order includes AGM-88B High-Speed Antiradiation Missiles from U.
In addition to standard LACMs and ASCMs, China has procured at least two types of advanced antiradiation missiles (ARMs).
high-speed antiradiation missiles (HARMs) and British air-launched antiradiation missiles, and airborne jamming by EF-111A Raven and EA-6B Prowler aircraft--was a major embarrassment for proponents of the Soviet model of dense, overlapping, and complex integrated air defense systems (IADS).
Presently the Kh-58 and Kh-58U remain the primary Russian antiradiation missiles, deployed with Su-24M and MiG-25BM aircraft.
Another Air Force-Marine-Navy amalgam jammed enemy radar installations and then attacked them with antiradiation missiles.