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Lockheed Martin Naval Electronics & Surveillance Systems, headquartered in Baltimore, provides surface ship and submarine combat systems, antisubmarine warfare and ocean surveillance systems, missile launching systems, radar and sensor systems, ship systems integration and systems engineering services, and other advanced systems and services to customers worldwide.
In an even stronger message to China, whose submarine fleet is expanding rapidly, the destroyer also staged an antisubmarine warfare drill by cooperating with a Seahawk S-70C helicopter to locate and force to the surface a diesel-electric submarine.
Currently the helicopter sea combat (HSC) squadrons (formerly HC squadrons) fly the MH-60S, while the helicopter antisubmarine squadrons (HS) fly the SH-60F and the HH-60H.
Telephonics joins Team MDA to provide an Imaging Radar System for the CP-140 Aurora multi-mission reconnaissance and antisubmarine aircraft fleet.
Its flight deck thronged with reporters, the destroyer Keelung -- accompanied by three frigates, a submarine, and other vessels and aircraft -- cruised 54 kilometers west of Taiwan toward China to stage a live-fire drill and antisubmarine maneuvers.
CVEG-1 was one of three air groups assigned to conduct "hunter-killer" antisubmarine warfare (ASW) operations.
officials delivered the list -- including Kidd-class guided-missile destroyers, P3C antisubmarine surveillance aircraft and diesel submarines -- to a Taiwanese delegation at this year's arms sale talks held in Washington.
An active/passive homing torpedo, it is now the NATO standard antisubmarine weapon in more than 20 allied countries.
NE&SS-Radar Systems in Akron provides laser-based commercial and electronic warfare products, sensor systems, aircrew simulation and training systems, antisubmarine warfare and surveillance systems to customers worldwide.
The Liberty Times said the war games, which include antisubmarine warfare, will be held in waters stretching from northeastern Taiwan to international waters outside the Philippines.
The crew of an SH-60B Seahawk briefed for an antisubmarine warfare mission and launched at 1836 with recovery scheduled for 2230.
The vessel is one of eight warships dispatched by the MSDF, which has also sent about 2,000 sailors, a submarine and eight P-3C antisubmarine aircraft to take part in the monthlong exercises which began May 30.