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Of particular value is the authors' examination of antisubmarine warfare across the broad spectrum of ASW methods, technology, doctrine, and tactics.
A 7,600-ton Aegis destroyer ''Yulgok Yi I,'' which was deployed by South Korea last year, plus about 20 other vessels, Lynx helicopters and P3-C antisubmarine surveillance aircraft will be mobilized for the exercise, Yonhap said.
Variants of the Sea King included the VH-3D for executive transport; UH-3H for utility roles and torpedo recovery; SH-3H for carrier-based antisubmarine warfare; and the UH-3H for logistics and SAR.
USS Saipan (LHA 2); Program Executive Officer, Air Antisubmarine Warfare Assault and Special Mission Program, Arlington, Va.
Sonobuoys are the sensors that are dropped into the ocean from antisubmarine warfare helicopters or aircraft to detect submarines acoustically.
Navy assigned McKee to aviation duty and he soon became a technician for antisubmarine warfare.
The new contract includes repair and retrofit of the H-60F Seahawk's antisubmarine warfare, datalink and Doppler system; H-3 Sea King's tactical/navigational system; F-14 Tomcat's converter interface unit and computer signal data converter-replacement; EA-6B Prowler's digital display group; E-2C Hawkeye's antenna receiver, transmitter and control display unit; and the S-3B Viking's communication control group and related support equipment.
The 5600-tonne displacement, Meko-type Sachsen will be armed with Ram, Harpoon, SM2 and ESSM missiles, an Oto-Melara 76 mm topside gun and antisubmarine torpedoes and will also nest two ASW helicopters.
Our operations consisted mainly of training work-ups ("drilling and killing") and fleet exercises in which our smaller, older boat would play the bad guy, sneak in through the antisubmarine defenses and torpedo the Admiral's command ship again and again and again.
Born in West Chester, Pennsylvania (1886); graduated from the Naval Academy (1907); conducted antisubmarine patrols in the North Atlantic as commander of U.
Precision Aerial Delivery of Dropsondes Is Used for Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) Asset Delivery
The Admiral Tributs, an antisubmarine vessel, and a sea tanker, the Boris Butoma, arrived in Manila on Tuesday for a four-day goodwill visit.