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ATAdvanced Technology (IBM PC AT personal computer)
ATAutomatic Transmission
ATAppalachian Trail
ATAvailable Time (Itu-T)
ATAccess Time
ATAccess Type
ATAir Traffic
ATAir Transport
ATAnnual Training
ATAnnual Tour
ATApplication Technologies
ATAustria (top-level domain name)
ATAdvanced Treatment (environment)
ATAppropriate Technology
ATAnimal Transport
ATAccess Transport (Sprint)
ATApplication Tape
ATArmy Training
ATAmerica's Talking (NBC show; 1994 and 1995)
ATAcceptance Trial
ATAcceptance Testing
ATAll That (Nickelodeon TV show)
ATApplied Technology
ATAnti-Trojan (computer security)
ATAcceptance Test
ATAtlantic Time
ATAutomotive Technology
ATAlpha Track (detection)
ATAlexander Technik
ATAlert Time
ATIn Transit (Austrian cancel mark; philately)
ATAudit Trail
ATAir Temperature
ATAbsolute Terror
ATArranged Team (gaming)
ATAwaiting Transportation
ATAwaiting Transfer
ATAlaska Telecommunications
ATAcquisition Team
ATAcceptance Trials
ATArmy Transformation (US Army)
ATAccident du Travail (French: Work Accident)
ATAlpine Touring (skiing equipment)
ATAtomic Time
ATAll Terrain
ATApplicant Tracking (human resources)
ATAtomic Terrorism
ATAstronomy Tower (fanfiction)
ATActive Terminator (SCSI terminator)
ATAviation Electronics Technician (USN Rating)
ATAnchorage Times (Anchorage, AK newspaper)
ATAnalytical Task
ATAverage Torque
ATAttribute Table
ATAmbient Temperature
ATAllowance Type
ATAtmospheric Transmission
ATArgentine Tango
ATAccess Tandem
ATAuto Transformer
ATArmy Telegraph (philatelic overprint, South Africa)
ATAltes Testament (German: Old Testament)
ATAlkaline Trio (band)
ATArmored Trooper (anime)
ATAveraging Time
ATAdministrative Trainee
ATAutomatic Ticketing
ATAntarctic Treaty
ATAssistive Technology
ATAsynchronous Terminal
ATAsynchronous Transmission
ATAcademically Talented
ATAlternative Tentacles (record label)
ATAssay Ton
ATAvian Tuberculosis
ATAshmore and Cartier Islands
ATAttestation Standard (accounting)
ATAppleTalk (Apple local area network technology)
ATAnaerobic Threshold
ATAtrial Tachycardia
ATAerotech (model rocket corporation)
ATAngiotensin (website)
ATArsenic Trioxide
ATAfter Tendulkar (India, sports)
ATAlimentary Tract
ATAlta Tensión (Spanish: High Voltage)
ATAntiguo Testamento (Spanish: from the bible)
ATAutogenic Training (relaxation technique)
ATAuto Throttle
ATAtraumatic (physical exam)
ATAdenine-Thymine (DNA base pairing)
ATAzores Time (GMT-0200)
ATApplanation Tonometry (ophthalmology)
ATAsti, Piemonte (Italian province)
ATAnterior Tibialis (dorsiflexor)
ATAviation Electronics Technician (Navy Rate)
ATApplanation Tonometer (ophthalmology)
ATRoyal Air Maroc, Morocco (IATA airline code)
AT3-Amino-1,2,4-Triazole (organic compound)
ATAngst Technology (web comic strip)
ATAero Triangulation
ATAmpere-Turn (measure of magneto motive force)
ATAskarel Transformer
ATAmpacity Tables
ATAction Toolbelt (band)
ATAnswering Tone
ATAbnormal Transient
ATAliveness Test
ATAcceptance Tag
ATAntenna Trainer
ATTotal Attainable Search Area (US DoD)
ATAstrometry Team
ATApplanation Tension (pressure in the eye)
ATAccelerator Operations and Technology
ATAdaptive Two-Step (IEEE)
ATArabesque Travel
ATAutonomous Transporter
ATAntithromin Activity
ATArchitectural Technologist/Techinician (professional accreditation)
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2013) Novel prothrombin mutation in two families with prominent thrombophiliathe first cases of antithrombin resistance in a Caucasian population.
Table 2: Mean value of the Antithrombin III in stage 0 3 and 4 6.
AT III assay was performed by automated coagulation analyzer (Sysmex CA-1500) using INNOVANCE antithrombin kit (Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics products GmbH).
The assay of antithrombin is an important test in the identification of thrombotic factors because a partial deficiency of this protein is associated with a high risk of thrombotic disease.
With FDA approval of ATryn, we can help ensure that patients with hereditary antithrombin deficiency, a rare clotting disorder associated with severe complications, have access to much needed therapy," says Jeffrey Aronin, Ovation's president and CEO.
To mimic real clinical laboratory practice as much as possible, we used only lyophilized plasma from healthy volunteers or patients with antithrombin activity in the range of 400-1200 units/L for distribution within the surveys of the ECAT Foundation.
That statistically significant decline may not seem like a big change, but antithrombin III's anticoagulant function is probably tightly regulated within a narrow range, she said.
3) Heparin interference with the coagulation process is achieved by attaching to thrombin and antithrombin, by attaching to antithrombin alone, or by inhibiting platelets.
The furthest along, he estimates, is a milk-produced blood-clotting agent, antithrombin III, developed by Genzyme Transgenics Corp.
Antithrombin iii inf the subject of the public contract is continuous deliveries of infusion containing the active substance antithrombin iii for 2 years.
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, a United States-based biopharmaceutical company, has commenced a Phase I open-label extension (OLE) trial with ALN-AT3, a subcutaneously administered, investigational RNAi therapeutic, targeting antithrombin, it was reported on Friday.