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AVPAvoirdupois (weight)
AVPAlien(s) Vs. Predator
AVPAssistant Vice President
AVPAssociation of Volleyball Professionals
AVPArginine Vasopressin
AVPAssociate Vice President
AVPAudio Video Presentation
AVPAnti-Violence Project
AVPanti Viral Professional
AVPanti Virus Protection
AVPAudio Visual Processor
AVPanti Virus Package
AVPAdaptive Video Process
AVPAverage Voice Packet
AVPAttribute Value Pair
AVPanti Virus Plug-in
AVPAalto Ventures Program (Espoo, Finland; education)
AVPAnti-Virus Pro (Panda)
AVPAttribute-Value Pair
AVPAvant-Projet (French: Draft; various organizations)
AVPAudio-Video Production
AVPAny Valid Point (biology examination)
AVPAdvanced Video Processor
AVPAccident sur la Voie Publique (French: Accident on Public Ways; traffic accident)
AVPAlternative to Violence Project
AVPAntiviral Protein
AVPActing Vice President (various organizations)
AVPAcademical Village People (University of Virginia a cappella group)
AVPAmbulatory Venous Pressure
AVPAdaptive Voltage Positioning
AVPArubaanse Volkspartij
AVPAnthrax Vaccination Program (US CDC)
AVPAnalysis at Various Prices
AVPAdministración de Vivienda Pública (public housing administrator, San Juan)
AVPAdult Volunteer Pool (University of Toronto; Canada)
AVPSeaplane Tender, Small (naval ship type; mine craft conversions)
AVPAmerican Volleyball Professionals
AVPAdvanced Vertical Processor (semiconductors)
AVPAuthorized Vendor Program
AVPAssociation des Volontaires de la Paix (Association of Peace Volunteers)
AVPAtlanta Vocal Project (Atlanta, GA)
AVPAssociated Video Producers (Springfield, MO)
AVPAluminium Vérandas Plaisir (French window manufacturer; Plaisir, France)
AVPAverage Wave Period
AVPAzimuth Verification Point
AVPAustralian Veterinary Practitioner (Journal)
AVPAverage Voice Packet (voice over data networks)
AVPAdaptive Video Process/ing/or
AVPArmy Validation Program
AVPApproximate Vertical Profile
AVPARM (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement) Aerial Vehicles Program (US Department of Education)
AVPWilkes Barre/Scranton, PA, USA - Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International (Airport Code)
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The discovery could lead to researchers using inhibitors in healthy human bodies, ultimately preventing white blood cells from turning off their antiviral proteins and effectively eradicating any chance for HIV to spread throughout the body, as the researchers began experimenting with in their study published in EMBO Journal.
Caption: The lethal Ebola virus (shown in a false-color micrograph) appears susceptible to a combination treatment of antibodies and the antiviral protein interferon alpha delivered by an inactivated virus, a study in monkeys shows.
He and his colleagues decided to do "an evolutionary experiment" to see if inserting this antiviral protein would protect cats from FIV.
Of these, pokeweed antiviral protein (PAP), a 29-kDa naturally occurring protein isolated from the leaves of the pokeweed plant, Phytolacca americana, is particularly promising because it is well characterized and can be purified in relatively large amounts (Irvin, 1995; Irvin and Uckun, 1992; Tumer et al.
Washington, May 14 (ANI): Scientists have used computational methods to design new antiviral proteins not found in nature, but capable of targeting specific surfaces of flu virus molecules.
Albin and colleagues learned where Vif interacts with one antiviral protein, APOBEC3F, and showed how the connection can be interrupted by a simple chemical change on the surface of APOBEC3F.
These antiviral proteins, known as type I interferons, are required to fight Zika infection in mothers.
Contract Awarded for Mechanisms by which VZV IE proteins interact with cell antiviral proteins to prev
APOBEC3B is part of a family of antiviral proteins that Harris has studied for more than a decade.
The drug candidate also induced a broad immune response with dose-dependent increases in serum concentrations of antiviral proteins and activation of cellular immune responses.
The Mx GTPase family of interferon-induced antiviral proteins.
The emergence of drug-resistant viral strains in individuals who require chronic therapy for effective clinical management of their infection, adverse side-effects, and the suboptimal pharmacokinetics of the drugs currently available encourage the study of naturally occurring antiviral proteins and synthetic derivatives with potential promise for clinical use.