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ANTAAN (Army After Next) Net Technology
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ANTNetherlands Antilles (ISO Country code)
ANTAntagonist (video game website)
ANTApplied New Technologies (Germany)
ANTActor-Network Theory
ANTAntrim (county of Ulster)
ANTAcid Neutralization Tank
ANTAdvanced Nuclear Technology (various locations)
ANTAdvanced Network Technology (various locations)
ANTAction News Team
ANTActor Network Theory
ANTAdvanced Network Tools
ANTAdvanced New Technology
ANTAdvanced Network Technology
ANTAnime No Tomodachi
ANTAdenine Nucleotide Translocator
ANTAltered Nuclear Transfer
ANTAids to Navigation Team
ANTAnother Neat Tool
ANTAssociazione Nazionale Tumori (Italy: National Cancer Association)
ANTAssociation of Nail Technicians (UK)
ANTAme No Tsuki (French animated series)
ANTAutomatic Negative Thought
ANTADSL Network Termination
ANTAutoritatea Nationala pentru Turism (Romania)
ANTAutoNetworks Technologies, Ltd. (Japan)
ANTAirspace and Navigation Team
ANTBlue Antimora
ANTAccess Network Transport
ANTAlgorithmic Noise-Tolerance
ANTAssistencia Nacional aos Tuberculosos (Portuguese Anti-Tuberculosis Group)
ANTAutonomous Negotiating Team
ANTAdvanced Navigation Trainer
ANTActive Name Table
ANTAbstract of New Technology
ANTAnalogue Network Terminator (ISDN)
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Clustering of Aesthetic Antonyms. The aim of this experiment was to cluster the 8 pairs of aesthetic antonyms into three groups.
Here is a brief listing of some common antonyms that will serve to introduce students to word opposites, antonyms.
While contentment may be the antonym of disappointment, I think it's synonymous with joy and peace.
MOST people think the antonym of love is hate, but it's actually indifference.
Namely, Macedonia is recognized under its constitutional name only by four European countries while all other countries recognized it with the antonym FYROM.
"The Antonym of Apathy" tells of Gloria and her family.
I AM not sure if there is an official antonym, one word that means the opposite of another, for envy, but I am pretty certain that it would not be gentleness.
rise late"; oxycretins are words that turn antonym with the removal of a single letter (slaughter; friend).
"Bad Boy" is probably a good antonym for "Super Man" and poor Nietzsche is a mitteleuropan shmendrek who shares a small universe with the erotically unattainable Beautiful Woman, the disrespectful Child, and the Cruel Man--perhaps the Superman--who wears a little girl's pinafore and beats the horse Nietzsche went mad trying to protect.
But here is the rub; our great leader Imran Khan while heralding a change possesses an orthodox and theological mindset which is an antonym of empirical thinking.
od grada:Gen 'from the city', but in (2) this is not the case since the preposition forms one semantic unit with the verb, creating a phrasal verb that does not have a Source-based antonym Idrzati od:Gen 'to hold from' (see Katunar et al.
We do not use the word ``ruth'' today but we do use its antonym ``ruthless'' when we want to depict someone as lacking beauty and compassion.