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APERAttestation de Prémière Education à la Route (French educational certificate)
APERAir-Purifying Escape Respirator
APERAsia Pacific Education Review (journal)
APERAsociatia pentru Politici Energetice din Romania
APERApplication Portfolio Effectiveness Review (oursourcing)
APERAbdominoperineal Excision of the Rectum
APERAir Pollution Emissions Report
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Until recently biological studies on this species have been limited in literature because Capros aper (Linnaeus 1758) has no commercial value especially in Mediterranean being a small size fish.
The present characters are real and historical: Curiatius Maternus, (4) brilliant orator, poet, tragedy graph, Marcus Aper (5) and Iulius Secundus, (6) talented lawyers and admirers of eloquence, Vipstanus Messalla, (7) a cultivated noble, partisan of literary and social circles already consecrated.
Chapter 37 of the first book frames the question in terms that irresistibly recall Tacitus's Dialogue of the Orators and in particular the intervention of Marcus Aper.
The soldiers now acclaimed Diocletian as emperor and he drew his sword and killed Aper there and then.
And almost 40 years later, Bogue and Aper (2000) described much the same state of affairs.
This p aper also provided in one place all the equations necessary to perform Open-Short-Load-Thru calibrations for any standards, given either direct measurements or appropriate models for the transmission-line parameters and reflection coefficients
One of a family of semi automatic hand-turned rotary table heat sealers, the PA 182 is capable of sealing all types of film, foil, p aper or laminate to compatible preformed containers.
The holdout procedure described by Lachenbruch and Mickey (1968) can be used to compensate for the optimistic bias of the APER in estimating the actual error rate.
A supplement to the staff aper provides revision and updates of the quarterly data from the first quarter of 1981 to the second quarter of 1984.
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