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Schumers letter to the DOT comes on the heels of a National Transportation Safety Boards (NTSB) investigation concluding that two recent crashes in Brooklyn and Hoboken were the result of the train engineers fatigue and their employers failure to screen and treat for sleep apnea.
Troublesome ill effects of the disorder are important cause for increase in rate of adoption for sleep apnea diagnostic systems.
She and her coinvestigators undertook this study because even though previous studies have linked maternal sleep apnea to increased risks of gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension, most of the prior studies were small, cross-sectional, and/or relied upon snoring as a proxy for sleep apnea, which many sleep specialists consider invalid.
The rate of neonatal intensive care unit admission in the sleep apnea group was 27.
Over prescription of overnight tests to diagnose apnea has also contributed significantly in escalating the growth of the U.
Evidence supporting the use of home apnea monitoring is sparse, and recommendations highlight the need to use this technology sparingly and to discontinue use once it is no longer necessary (table).
Obstructive sleep apnea and post-tuberculosis were associated with hypoxic complications.
Patients with sleep apnea who are undergoing any type of surgery are at an increased risk for developing respiratory and cardiovascular complications in the period following surgery," says Dr.
In this report, the global sleep apnea devices market is broadly classified on the basis of segments, namely sleep apnea therapeutic devices and sleep apnea diagnostic devices.
These include the incessantly growing base of sleep apnea patients, increasing awareness with regards to sleep apnea and available diagnostic/therapeutic options, emerging popularity of oral appliances, and technological advancements.
Any association between opioid use and death in patients with sleep apnea cannot be explained by sleep apnea alone, according to a retrospective analysis of data from the prospective observational DREAM study.