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Apocrypha fall into two categories: (a) writings which are very close indeed to canonical writings; (b) "writings which are superstitious, heretical, excessively speculative, useless and all others texts of that ilk which the holy doctors order us not just to avoid but to abhor."(45)
In 1827 the British and Foreign Bible Society decided never to print or circulate copies of the King James Version containing the Apocrypha. The reason was that among the books of the Apocrypha are the four books of the Maccabees.
1 Biblical references are to The New Oxford Annotated Bible, with the Apocrypha.
I regret the loss of Bauer's invaluable collection of traditions about the apostles in early Christian literature, and, although I do not claim that an edition of the New Testament Apocrypha must include such a survey, it is one very good reason why I shall continue to make use of the previous edition.
There are articles on the Apocrypha by van der Ploeg (the Syriac text of the Book of Judith) and Hilhorst (I Esdras 4: 34-41), as well as on the Scrolls (by P.
Originating from an initial interest in historical debate related to religion and gender, Writ-Rios argues that the prophetess Madre Matiana--a figure who most likely did not actually exist--and her prophecies represent politically motivated apocrypha created to influence the contentious disputes that marked MexicoAEs early national history.
Rose also addresses the ambivalent attitude of medieval clerics and scholars toward the value of apocrypha. Chapters on the individual apostles demonstrate the wide variety among the stories about them and within the liturgies for each.
A detailed (at times, too detailed) survey of the Apocrypha paints a full picture of the relationship between faith and obedience in these texts.
The second part consists of case studies involving the Armenian Bible and apocrypha, major works of Armenian historiography, the Hellenizing School, Medieval poetic texts, and texts of the modern and contemporary periods.
A well known translator of classics in Asian religion, military science, and martial arts, Cleary here presents original translations of some of the earliest extant texts containing materials associated with the Daojia--known in the West as Taoism--along with compositions from later times and a set of famous apocrypha. They illustrate different Taoist approaches to the practical dynamics in the relationship between the individual and society, he says.
The Bible and other early religious texts are highly influential in shaping expectations for behavior based on gender, she says, and she seeks to deconstruct these gender paradigms by examining three lethal women characters: Jael in Judges 4-5, Judith in the book of the Apocrypha that bears her name, and the reconfiguration of Jael in the pseudepigraphical Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum, or Biblical Antiquities.
The play, by Nobel Prize winning playwright Dario Fo, is a series of brief monologues with Biblical themes drawn from the Biblical apocrypha and popular tales of the life of Christ.