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APORTAerial Port (US DoD)
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trap, toper, topee, tope, taper, tape, tapa, rope, repeat, reap, rapt, rape, prove, prate, port, pore, poet, peter, pert, peer, peat, pear, pave, pater, pate, part, pare, operate, opera, atop, aport, apart, EVAPORATE Wordsquare: M.
APORT has marked its link-up with a city theatre by meeting up with a superhero to see its work.
What is needed is to look at a four term school year, with much less holiday, and for Comprehensive pupils to have their final exams in November, re-sits before Easter, (following year) and Summer terms spent in aport activities, field works and work experiences.
He has 5 Cwmdonkin Drive on a long lease from owner Kevin Lane, aPort Talbot solicitor who is also a Thomas fan.