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@ Rus has joined forces with Agama, whose new Internet search engine concept, Aport 2000 (, apparently has no counterparts on the Internet either within Russia or globally.
Porter quotes the man as saying "Si Je avait Point des gages que le Diable ma aport si vous ma Soucier Embarker." See also John Thomson, who records that this man, named Bernier, gave further trouble to Porter on the trip.
Although Bonny declined as aport in the first half of the century, the discovery of crude oil in commercial quantifies led to Bonny's revival.
b) Aport museum would be set up by the Federal Government depicting architectural heritage and antiquities relation to ports and shipping.
APORT city in the Flemish region of Belgium, Antwerp is famous for its diamond district, historic architecture and abundance of museums and art galleries.
APORT Talbot company has been fined a six-figure sum after making more than 15 million unwanted automated calls.
India, June 9 -- With Android coming into existence, phones with keypads started to fade and today almost all phones aport the flat candy bar design.
APORT has marked its link-up with a city theatre by meeting up with a superhero to see its work.
What is needed is to look at a four term school year, with much less holiday, and for Comprehensive pupils to have their final exams in November, re-sits before Easter, (following year) and Summer terms spent in aport activities, field works and work experiences.