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APLEAssumption Program of Loans for Education (teacher incentive program; California)
APLEAction Pour Les Enfants (French: Action For Children; human rights organization; Cambodia)
APLEAverage Power Laser Experiment
APLEAssociation of Public Lighting Engineers (UK)
APLEAssessment of Prior Learning Experience (Daytona State College; Daytona Beach, Florida)
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1st DCA 2014) ("When appellee filed the foreclosure complaint, it attached a copy of the note and an undated allonge to the note containing an endorsement in blank.
Recall that forfeiture is akin to an affirmative defense, and if an appellee doesn't raise the forfeiture, the court is free to proceed to the merits of the issue.
For example, some circuits require that each appellant and appellee submit numerous bound hard copies of their briefs.
Rendon, the appellee sought administrative credit for pretrial constraint that consisted of a written order of restriction.
Brief on Behalf of Appellee, The Society of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, in OREGON SCHOOL CASES, supra note 1, at 275.
4) Another motivating factor is the simple desire to "insur[e] justice to the appellee.
Les batteurs de greve Europeens et Americains furent d'importants facteurs de changement dans cette region communement appellee la Polynesie.
On May 22, 1998, the appellee filed a cross-appeal from the partial final judgment.
Appellant Denise Hawkins and Appellee Darla Grese were unmarried partners in a -year, same-sex relationship.
9) The appellee, Karen Hargrave, claimed that she and the decedent, Paul Duval, had a valid common law marriage under the laws of Mexico and Oklahoma.