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APPXApplication eXcellence (4GL software development tool)
APPXAnterior-Posterior Pelvic X-Ray
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The appendix position can vary in relation to the other abdominal organs.
Mucinous neoplasms of the appendix are classified on a spectrum from benign to malignant based upon certain features during histologic examination.
His case was complicated by the unusual position his appendix was lying in.
Clinical examination and raised inflammatory makers supported a diagnosis of acute appendicitis and the patient underwent an uncomplicated laparoscopic appendicectomy, though it was noted that the appendix appeared macroscopically normal at the time of the procedure.
For decades, it was assumed that the appendix was a seemingly pointless piece of human anatomy.
Researchers at Duke University Medical Center, the University of Arizona, and Arizona State University have observed that not only does the appendix appear in nature much more frequently than previously acknowledged, but it has been around much longer than anyone had suspected.
Every appendix can be considered a thorough description and discussion of a specific computer architecture detail.
The appendix, 3 cm in length, was retrocaecal, acutely inflamed and perforated.
As Appendix A indicates, the teens emphasized how drug use would affect the people they care about, especially family and friends.
In general, all 49 states with posted plans are in accordance with one another on vaccination priority strategies (online Appendix Table 2, available from http://www.
Appendix A provides a routing symbol guide that helps depository institutions determine the maximum permissible hold periods for most deposited checks.
Appendix A: Food Safety and Security: Operational risk management systems approach.