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APPApplication (file name extension)
APPApproach (aviation)
APPAsbury Park Press (newspaper)
APPAppartement (French: Apartment)
APPAtom Publishing Protocol (computing)
APPAluminum Precision Products (Santa Ana, CA)
APPAmyloid Precursor Protein (neurology)
APPAssociated Press of Pakistan
APPAtmospheric-Pressure Plasma
APPAsia Pulp and Paper (Singapore)
APPAlianza Público Privada (Spanish: Public Private Alliance)
APPAdult Probation and Parole (various locations)
APPAccident Prevention Program (safety; various organizations)
APPApplecare Protection Plan (Apple, Inc.)
APPAdvanced Practice Provider
APPAnnual Payment Plan
APPAssets Protection Program
APPAdvanced Placement Program
APPAlternating Pressure Pad
APPAmbulante Psychiatrische Pflege (German: Outpatient Psychiatric Care)
APPAggregate Production Planning
APPAdolescent Pregnancy Prevention (various organizations)
APPAdvanced Power Products (various locations)
APPAccessible Parking Permit (Canada)
APPAssociation of Professional Piercers
APPAdvanced Practice Professional
APPAutomatic Payment Program
APPAbdominal Perfusion Pressure (cardiology)
APPAcademic Preparation Program (education)
APPAnti-Poverty Program
APPAtactic Polypropylene
APPAmplifier Power Provisioning
APPApplecare Protection Plan
APPApplication Defined Packet
APPAccredited Presales Professional
APPAdvanced Page Processing
APPAutomatic Page Positioning
APPAsynchronous Pluggable Protocol
APPAssessing Pupils' Progress (formal teacher assessment scheme used in UK schools)
APPAgence pour La Protection des Programmes (French: Protection Agency Programs)
APPAnnual Performance Plan
APPActinobacillus Pleuropneumoniae
APPAcute Phase Protein
APPAtelier de Pédagogie Personnalisée (French: Personalized Pedagogy Workshop)
APPAssociação de Professores de Português (Portugal)
APPArt in Public Places
APPAmerican Public Power
APPAppNexus Programmable Platform (digital advertising)
APPAmerican Payroll Association
APPAccelerated Possession Procedure (legal procedure; UK)
APPAssociation Past President
APPA Posteriori Probability
APPAsia Pacific Photo (Malaysia)
APPAquifer Protection Permit
APPAlan Parson's Project (band)
APPAutomated Payment Plan (billing)
APPAccident Prevention Plan (USACE safety management action plan)
APPAllocation de Présence Parentale (French: Allocation of Parental Presence; family aid program)
APPAlternative Payment Program
APPAtomic Power Plant
APPApple Product Professional
APPApproach Control Service (air navigation)
APPAlaska Product Preference
APPAll People's Party
APPAphasies Primaires Progressives (French: Primary Progressive Aphasia; brain disease)
APPAcademic Program Profile (Arizona State University)
APPAppellatus (Latin: Called, Codices and Manuscripts)
APPAdjusted Peak Performance (computing speed)
APPApproach Center (aviation)
APPAir Parcel Post
APPAccredited Purchasing Practitioner
APPAmerican Precision Prototyping
APPAbsolute Password Protector (software)
APPAnnual Procurement Plan
APPAmerican Presence Post (smaller version of a US consulate)
APPAgence Photo Presse (French: Press Photo Agency)
APPAuxiliary Power Plant
APPApplications Portability Profile
APPAfghan Project Partner
APPAssociation for Portland Progress
APPApplication Marker
APPApple Pie Parser
APPAdvance Procurement Plan
APPAgency Peculiar Property (military)
APPAverage Payment per Physician
APPAttacking Poverty Program
APPAdvanced Procurement Plan
APPAgent Partner Program
APPAdoption Pay Period (UK)
APPApplication Programming Platform
APPAegean Park Press
APPAsset Protection Planner
APPAmerican Patriot Party (Jeffersonian philosophy)
APPAdministrative Policy & Procedure
APPAction Pédagogique Pilote (French: Pedagogical Action Pilot)
APPAssociative Parallel Processor
APPATM Peer-to-Peer
APPAgricultural Prospective Plan
APPAggregate Project Plan
APPAgricultural Pricing Policy
APPAlliance Populaire et Progressiste (French: Popular Progress Alliance, Mauritania)
APPAdvance Placement Physics
APPAmicale Police Patrimoine (French: Friendly Police Heritage)
APPArmy Procurement Procedure
APPAnalog Pre-Processor
APPAcoustic Performance Prediction
APPAttached Payload Pallet
APPAlabama Partnership for Progress
APPAviation Plans Policy (USMC)
APPAssociation of Purchasing Professionals
APPAutomated Picture Planning
APPApproved Property Program
APPAutomated Post-Post
APPAccess Processing Parameters
APPFAA Airport Planning and Programming Office
APPAcoustic Phase Plate
APPAllied Procedural Publications
APPActive Pointer Present
APPAuxiliary Pump Pressure
APPAcoustic Performance Program
APPAcoustic Prediction Program
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Appendix II includes species not necessarily threatened with extinction, but in which trade must be controlled in order to avoid utilisation incompatible with their survival.
WiseGuyReports.Com Publish a New Market Research Report On -" Appendix Cancer Treatment 2019 Global Market Outlook,Research,Trends and Forecast to 2024".
They compared the chances of developing Parkinson's disease among those who'd had their appendix removed with those who hadn't.
Scientists also found that the appendix acts as a major reservoir for alpha-synuclein, a protein thought to play a role in the development of Parkinson's.
Vermiform appendix is an element of the digestive tract which lies in right lower quadrant of abdomen, which has a worm-like structure and emerges during embryological life from the posteromedial wall of the cecum, about 2 cm below the ileocecal valve.
Killinger, Ph.D., from the Van Andel Research Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and colleagues determined the capacity of the appendix to modify PD risk and influence pathogenesis using data from two independent epidemiological datasets involving more than 1.6 million individuals and more than 91 million person-years.
Histopathology of the appendix showed double appendix with separate serosal and muscular layers for short distance and separate mucosa and common muscular layer for the rest of length.
That being said, before you decide to give appendix carry a try, you need to have excellent index finger discipline.
[USA], Aug 09 ( ANI ): Turns out, genetic mutations in appendix cancer are distinct from those found in colon cancer and that mutations in the genes are good predictors of survival among people with appendix cancer.
According to CITES website, Appendix I lists species that are the most endangered among CITES-listed animals and plants.
Appendix II, on the other hand, lists species that are not necessarily now threatened with extinction but may become so unless trade is closely controlled.
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